Saturday, August 31, 2019

Miracles and Sales

My house payment is due on the 3rd, as well as my Avon order payment, and car insurance, and lot rent, and loan payment. I don't mind telling you I am worried sick about it.

Luckily, some of that gets paid by my housemates' rent money. But, most of it depends on my Avon sales. And, I only had $6 in the bank.

Yes, I've been praying hard.

Today, I went to the mailbox. I hate going to the mailbox. There is nothing but bills to be found there, reminding me of how little I actually have.

I received a letter from my mortgage company, explaining that there had been some extra money on my escrow account that they were refunding me. It was enough to at least pay the lot rent and my car insurance!

You have NO idea how much that helps me right now! Yes, I got on my knees and thanked God for His timely intervention, once again.

Then, I left the house to take a trip to Texarkana. I delivered and collected for $31 in orders.

I gave out a few more books, without collecting phone numbers. Then I delivered two books to previous customers who asked for an updated brochure. Then, I came home to add the orders to my order sheet.

After I got home, I received several phone calls from customers (not on my list) who wanted to order. I ended up, at the end of the day, with $230 worth of orders for the whole day! I have reached the milestone of 40% earnings for this campaign! WooHOO!

I wish every day was that good! (Perhaps it soon will be!)

I would say that today was a pretty productive day!

And that God does, indeed, answer prayer!

Otis and Milo Take a Ride

Today I sat at home waiting for a customer to show up to pick up her Avon. She never showed up. She forgot and was on her way out of town when I contacted her.

Lesson learned. I could have been out getting phone numbers, but I didn't know what time she would show up. So, I told her when she got ready to receive her Avon and she knows she'll be at home, tell me where she lives and I'll bring it to her.

From now on, I get addresses to go with the orders. No more waiting for someone who doesn't show up.

But, it was not a non-productive day!

I took the time I had to make the rest of my call-backs. I also received several phone calls from customers who wanted to know where their order was. (It doesn't come in until next Thursday, unless they don't have the product available...)

I was able to bring my order up another $40. And, I made plans for a few more deliveries for tomorrow in Texarkana.

I had to go to the store today for an item, and I asked the baby-dogs, my chihuahas, Milo and Otis, "Do you want to go bye bye with Momma?"

They ran, excited to the front door. I opened the door and they immediately rant out the door ahead of me to go sniffing around the yard until I got the car door opened. Then, they both jumped in the car.

As I drove out of the drive, I saw one of my neighbors walking down the drive with his Burger King uniform on. I stopped and said, "Are you going to work?" He confirmed. I told him to hop in the back seat, and I drove him to work.

Otis and Milo greeted the stranger who was a friend they hadn't met yet, in their eyes. I commanded them to "Leave the guy alone! Sit down and be still! He has to go to work!"

When I got to Burger King, the guy said thank you and added, "You sound like us when we are talking to our kids." I said, "They are my babies!"

Then, Otis started talking to me as I drove on to my original destination. "Yes, Otis. We are going bye-bye!" "Yes, Otis, we will be there in a minute. Sit down and be quiet!"

Milo, on the other hand, was happy looking out the window, watching us pass by everything. Both of them were smiling.

I can tell when they are smiling. Their mouths are wide, and they pant with their toungues hanging slightly from their mouths.

When we got back home, I told them, "Go in the house!" They ran to the door and waited for me to come open it for them.

I don't get to take them out very often, so they consider it a special treat when they get to go bye-bye with Momma!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Canvassing Neighborhoods

Yesterday, I spent all day knocking on doors. I left home at 2 PM and came back in at 6 PM.

It was hot and tiring work. If someone answered the door, I introduced myself holding up the Avon brochure. If they were interested, I would give them a book with instructions on how to contact me, showing them the information on the back, and making sure they saw the website address.

If they were not interested, I took a move from Jesus's play-book and shook the dirt from my feet as I exited the property.

If they were not home, I hung a flyer on their door.

When I returned home, I was hot, and tired, and my clothes were clinging to me from the sweat. I was happy to sit down.

And, disappointed.

I spent four hours and didn't get one phone number. I gave out maybe ten books and hung quite a few flyers.

Today, I had to meet a customer at the bank so she could pick up her order and pay for it. It was after 5 PM when she and I rendezvoused, so I decided to knock on a few more doors. After an hour, I came home -- just as disappointed.

Tomorrow, I have to do call-backs on the numbers I've already collected. I have another customer who is coming by to pick up my last two bottles of Skin-So-Soft.

Then, I have decided on Saturday, I will stick to working the parking lots. That seems to work so much better, and I am not nearly as wore out at the end of the day.

Yes, I think I'm done with knocking on doors. At least until the weather cools off and I can stay at it a whole lot longer.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What works the best?

Yesterday I went to my usual spot at Walmart to distribute my books and after about 30 minutes and collecting about 4 phone numbers, the manager came out and said he got a call from someone who complained and asked me to leave.

Now, it doesn't make sense why someone would complain, since I was well away from the door and only holding up my books asking the ladies if they needed an Avon Lady, and only offering to give the books to those who really wanted one. He said I couldn't be selling things outside their door.

Of course I sweetly exclaimed, "But, sir! I'm not selling anything! I'm simply giving away free books!"

He said I couldn't give away anything either. I submitted and left. Besides, there is another store just down the road and it was busier. LOL

Today, I decided to try cold calling with very little success. I did manage to leave messages on about 15 answering machines, though. Most of the numbers in the phone book I had were either not working or no one was home. Very few of them even had an answering machine. Of three pages in the phone book, I only talked to about 5 people directly. That's sad.

I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon. But, no one can say I am not trying everything!

So far, what seems to be working the best is walking busy parking lots at local stores talking to prospective customers. I think I'll keep doing that.

But, I have a lot of products in my cart I still need to sell, and for that, knocking on doors works the best. Tomorrow, I will be doing that.

I am also thinking of hanging out at the city bus terminal some with my cart.

The weather will be cooling off soon so I can start putting my table up again in some places. I give that another month.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Answered Prayers, Imaginary Friends and Zucchini

Today was a very good day for me.

It is the day that I have designated to focus on resting from selling Avon all week. Instead, I chose to focus it on prayer, and spending quality time with friends and family when the opportunity presents itself, and relaxing at home.

I have a friend I call "My imaginary friend."

I call him that because he always says he's going to come see me and never does. Something always gets him side-tracked. So, I started calling him "My imaginary friend" because I never see him and sometimes wonder if he even exists. LOL

Well, my "imaginary" friend said he would come see me today.

If he showed up, I determined to wonder if my imagination was playing tricks on me.

He did show up. I introduced him to the guys, saying, "See, my imaginary friend is REAL!"

We took a trip to Burger King and got a King-size glass of sweet iced tea. I missed sweet iced tea for the last few days, as we had run out of sugar at home.

Last night, another friend came by and dropped off a few bucks for me to get my windshield wipers fixed on my cars, with instruction that I was NOT to pay him back. I tried to argue but he said it might cause him more problems than it was worth if I did. So I thanked him gratefully, and thanked God for answered prayers, because what he gave me was enough to not only give me new wipers, but buy sugar and pay for some gas for my car -- which I badly need.

After our trip to Burger King, we went to the river and talked for about an hour or so. We caught up on old times and views on life. It was two old friends enjoying a visit that was long over due.

On the way home, he took me to Wal-mart and waited in the truck while I went in to buy my sugar. I told him, "I won't be long, I promise! I hate shopping. I make lists and I get what I need and I leave." He said "Me, too."

I don't think he believed me, though.

I went in, and grabbed my sugar and went to the check out. Business was very slow at Wally World today. But, there were four lanes open. The first lane had one paying for her groceries and another waiting to be checked out with a few groceries on the belt. All I had was sugar. The next lane was empty, with the cashier patiently waiting.

I said, "You look like you need something to do. Let me help you!" She laughed as she rang up my sugar.

I went back to the truck and threw the $7 - 25 lb bag into the bag of the truck and hopped in the cab. My friend said, "WOW! THAT has to be a record check out!"

I told him that I contemplated jumping in the cab and saying, "Quick! Let's get OUT OF HERE! I just stole that sugar!" LOL

He said, "I would have believed you!"

We laughed. He brought me home and said good day, and expressed hopes of getting with me again sometime -- but had somewhere he had to be tonight.

I then cooked up some fried Zucchini and meatballs for me and my housemates to eat. They enjoyed every bite, and expressed that it was something they'd like to see me do again sometime.

Later, I found out I was listed number nine in the top sales reps for my area during campaign 17!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Moving on Up...

Today, I made a delivery, adjusted my schedule for the remaining deliveries, and went through my call-back list to make call backs for Campaign 19.

When I got the answering machine, I left my name, number and told them about our Skin-So-Soft 2 Pc Set of 16 oz Bath Oil and matching Hand Cream for just $12.99 on sale this campaign. I told them to call me back to place their order, and put a note to call them back next week. No sense wasting my time.

This actually worked. I got a total of three phone calls in the next two hours ordering the product.

This campaign has been outstanding though! It is only day 6, with 8 more days to go, and already I have taken over $350 in orders.

Tonight I'm cooking up some fried Zuchini and Stir fry vegetables and beef.

And, I've removed a few items from the Things I'm asking God for list, as they are provided.

Things I’m asking God for...

A new computer
Spare Tire
Pay off medical bills
Fix my floors
Car Brakes fixed
Avon Labels for my books
Phone bill and Internet paid for
All my products delivered on time
Dishwashing detergent
Watch over my sons and my Facebook friends and Family, My church and my Pastor.
Make my Avon Business profitable
Black Pepper
Windshield wipers

Ya'll have a blessed day!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Can't See a Thing...

Today, I loaded my car with all my orders to deliver. Then I went and made all the deliveries I could.

At about 4:45, I had to reschedule one delivery until tomorrow because I was too far away for our appointment at 5:00 PM. I made my delivery in Texarkana.

I had two deliveries I couldn't make because they were unreachable on the phone. I mean, the number was not working at all. Luckily, both orders were the same thing, and less than $10 each. I think I can re-sale the items.

I stopped at the Crazy Horse Saloon for a coke and to see if anyone needed anything from Avon. I took another order while I was there, bringing my Campaign 19 order to over $200 so far.

Then, I stopped by another bar I hadn't been to, in order to see if it was workable. I ended up leaving two books there, and with the invitation to come back.

When I took my cart of Avon outside to get into my car, which was right outside the door, it was pouring down rain. Both of my front windows were down. I quickly loaded my cart into the back seat, and soaking wet by then, I jumped in the car to head home in the rain.

My car has no de-fogger. My windshield wipers are falling apart. I drove, very slow, constantly wiping the windows so I could see. By the time I exited State Line, the rain was coming down so hard I could barely make out the yellow line on my side of the road. I prayed all the way to the next exit, and exited at Summerhill, to stop at Applebee's parking lot until the rain stopped.

My box of books that were in the front seat were damp, and the pages were slightly crinkling because of it. The bag that contained a 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo pen for one of my customers had gotten soaked and was falling apart. Sigh...

I checked the back seat where all my other books and orders were. They were all right, Praise God!

When the rain finally let up, and the air outside cooled enough, I cracked my windows to get the window defogged and continued toward New Boston -- home.

I made it home just in time for rain to start again. When I got into the house, I immediately went to change clothes. My clothes were soaked.

I pray for a cooler, but dryer day tomorrow. I can't sell Avon in the rain.

My "Things I'm asking God for" list is growing again. I have never been more dependent on Him than I am right now.

A new computer
Spare Tire
Pay off medical bills
Fix my floors
Car Brakes fixed
Soy Sauce
Dog Food
Avon Labels for my books
Phone bill and Internet paid for
All my products delivered on time
Dishwashing detergent
Watch over my sons and my Facebook friends and Family, My church and my Pastor.
Make my Avon Business profitable
Corn meal
Black Pepper
Windshield wipers

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Zuchini, Yard Work and Avon

Today I made a trip to Flower Acres to get free produce. I received Apples, grapes, 2 bags of potatoes, 4 single serving milk boxes, some zuchini squash and some stirfry veggie mix.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive enough to share this time. What I got, I know will be eaten by me and my housemates before my next trip.

When I got home, I mowed my yard until the FED EX man came with my Avon order. Then, I spent the next two hours bagging each order, labeling the bags and completing them with books, flyers and samples.

One of my orders was messed up. I felt pretty bad about that and called the customer to let her know and offered her a substitute product at half price that I had on-hand. She was not able to speak with me at the moment and said she would call me back later.

When I finished, I made all my call backs from gathering numbers three days ago -- most of which I have to call back again.

For the rest of the night, I have books and mini-brochures to label.

Today is Day 4 of Campaign 19. My order has grown to $128 so far.

Have a blessed night!

Things I’m asking God for today

A new computer
Spare Tire
Pay off medical bills
Fix my floors
Car Brakes fixed
Soy Sauce
Dog Food
Avon Labels for my books
Phone bill and Internet paid for
All my products delivered on time
Dishwashing detergent
Watch over my sons and my Facebook friends and Family, My church and my Pastor.
And make my Avon business profitable

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My New Sales Cart

My customer base is growing by leaps and bounds. I now, at this minute have 40 paying customers in my customer base, most of whom are repeat customers. Every day I add more.

Today I stuck around the home town a little bit and gave out about 10 books and took 2 phone numbers.

I put in an application for part time work at a convenient store for extra cash while I work and build my Avon business. We'll see.

When I returned home, I decided to do some repair work on my cart I bought from

I took that bag out that kept falling down and was quickly wearing out due to the amount of products I carry in the cart. Then I reinforced the cage (so the products won't fall out) with cardboard and duct tape.

My housemate, Gary, was watching as I worked on it. I told him, "If something can't be fixed with duct tape, it probably ain't worth fixing." LOL

Then, I decorated it with a collage of Avon pictures.

Also, while I was doing that, I received a phone call with a $30 order. I haven't even made my call-backs or deliveries yet, and already I have over $80 in orders for this campaign. That's a good sign!

I am at the "robbing from Peter to pay Paul" stage in my finances and desperately trying harder to sell Avon to help this problem. Living on credit puts more pressure on my performance than I like. I'm just thankful I've had this long to build up my business and learn what works, and plan accordingly.

The rest of this week and part of next, I plan on making visits with new books to each of my paying customers in my base, as well as finding new customers. Oh, of course, I also plan to make all my deliveries!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

No Apples or Grapes...

This morning, someone sent me a post on Facebook saying that Flower Acres Baptist Church got a surprise shipment of 3,000 lbs of Apples and Grapes they were giving away.

Last night, I got a post from TDCJ saying that one of the CO's at Telford Prison had her house burn down and she lost everything. They were asking for donations to help her out.

So, this afternoon, I bathed, dressed, got all my supplies packed in the car, and took a trip to Telford (about five miles away) and left a bag of Avon, complete with deodorant, shampoo, body wash, hand lotion, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and nail polish for the lady in need. I don't work there anymore, but I still respect and love my Telford family.

Then, I drove to Texarkana, to Flower Acres...but nothing was left for me to get. It's okay. I'll just look forward to Thursday's Produce Day.

While I was out, I went to the Wal-Mart on New Boston Road and distributed my books to whoever needed an Avon Lady. I gave out 20 books, took 8 phone numbers and sold two Skin-So-Soft bath oil sprays. I only have two left now. I guess I need to order some more. Wish I knew that yesterday when I put my order in.

As the day came to a close, I received a phone call from a customer that was not on my phone number list, who ordered $25.00 worth of Avon, which, including the Skin-so-Soft I sold today, puts me over $55 for this campaign already...and it is only Day 2 of Campaign 19!

It's been a successful day -- except for not getting the apples and grapes.

In the Galleria

Texarkana has an area out on Richmond Road, in what used to be an area called "Richmond Ranch", that we call "The Galleria" today. It is where all the shops in town converge.

I guess since most businesses found it too expensive to remain confined to the Texarkana Mall, they all moved over there in the business park. On the other side of Richmond Road is Super One Foods, Sam's Club and a few more shops.

I haunted that area today giving out Avon Books and collecting phone numbers for Campaign 19.

I gave out about 25 books and took down 10 phone numbers. Then, I had about 50 books left that weren't labeled for me to give out. So, about 5:30 PM, I came home to label my books and rest.

While I was out there, I had one prospective customer give me her number and say, "I just want to tell you, I have a LOT of respect for anyone who will go out and beat the pavement in this heat!"

I answered, saying, "I got bills to pay just like everyone else. This is my job. I work it!"

She shook my hand and said, "I can see that!"

Avon isn't just a hobby to me. It's a career. And, just like any job, it requires me to go out and actually work it. If I sit at home, my business will slow to a crawl and I'll lose my customers. I can't wait for customers find me. I have to go where the customers are.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Mini-brochures and Flyers

Today, I gathered up all my sales flyers and Mini-brochures and went to Wal-mart.

"Do you need an Avon Lady?"

"Sure! You got a book?!"

I would hand them the mini-brochure (which only cost half as much as the regular brochures, and has some AWESOME sales the regular brochure doesn't).

"Would you like me to call you in a few days?"

"Is your number on the back?"

"Sure is! And, so is the website. If the product you are looking for isn't in here, you can go online and look at the updated products online. If you see something you wants, you can call me and order it, OR you can order it online! Either way! I'm just a phone call away!"

One lady, after saying, "No, I'll call you. I don't have any money right now," asked, "Is this all you have? Do you have the regular book?"

"Yes, ma'am. They are in my car, but I try to reserve them for customers who are actually ordering from me. They cost $0.33 each. Too expensive for me to give out to just anyone unless it's all I have."

Nine out of ten people love taking the book, saying, "No, I'll call YOU. Is your number on the back?" And, then, they never call. So, unless I get a phone number, the regular book stays in my hand.

Besides, it's a great way to get people to look at the web site.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Calling All Customers

Today I spent the whole day gathering my orders for this campaign. There are only four people left to call that I can't call until Monday.

Today, alone, I have collected over $200 in orders from all the phone numbers I collect when handing out books. The customers were eager to get Avon! (And Bubble Bath is popular today -- at just $11 for 2 big bottles of your favorite scent!)

I have totally enjoyed working Avon this campaign! (and, if you haven't ordered, be sure and get your order in by Tuesday morning!)

I learned a lot this campaign. I learned that going where people are and asking them face to face if they need an Avon Lady is the best way to give books to only those who are interested.

I learned to collect phone numbers, and tell them I will call them in 3 days (giving them time to look at the book) and then follow through on my promise!

And, I learned that if they don't answer, try...try again until they do (or until the campaign is over, then delete the info from your database as "un-reachable").

Finally, I learned to make phone calls to customers that ordered LAST campaign to see if they want to make another order!

Next Campaign, I have twice as many books to give out. I am looking forward to starting it!

Oh, by the way, I also learned that if you go ahead and give out books for the next campaign when you run out of books for the current one, sometimes you can find better sales in the current and last two campaigns to back order from -- and it makes your customers HAPPY! And, even if you don't, you have a head start for the next campaign!

Have I mentioned how much I love selling Avon?

Have a blessed day!

And don't forget to share my Avon Store with your friends!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Current Avon Books and Flyers Online

Selling Avon is fun. But, there comes a time when I have to back off going out and giving out books and getting phone numbers.

I have four days left to gather orders for Campaign 18. I am completely out of Campaign 18 books and flyers. I have over 100 Campaign 19 books, but I don't want to wait to start giving those out until Campaign 18 is over with. So, yesterday, I spent time marketing my websites.

Today, I get to clean house. Then, I'll update my web sites to make them presentable for marketing.

I had a customer call me about an hour ago. She wanted to order on the first of the month, but didn't have a book. She asked me to bring her one next time I'm in Texarkana.

I don't mind doing that at all. But, just so you know, when I post my website link online it's so you can look through the book without actually having a book in your hand. The book that is online is always updated with the latest sales. The website link is so you never have to ask for a book again.

I understand that a lot of people don't have access to a computer. Many of my customers have never even used a computer so wouldn't know how to go about looking online at the book.

When you look at the book online, you do not have to order online. Some people don't trust the internet enough to order anything online. If you still want me to deliver it personally, I am happy to do that! All you have to do is find what you want by looking at the book online and then call me and tell me what you want. It's that easy!

I hope this helps people that I don't get to see every single campaign, and those who choose not to order in one campaign and then failed to get the current brochure because of it.

The online book is ALSO for those who live out of town and want to keep me as their "Avon Lady". For those people, they can order online and if they have any questions, I am just a phone call away!

So for those who need a book who are online, here is my link

Will you please share it with all your friends?!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Avon, and Milo

Today I actually cut my hair and put on some make up. Figured I needed to look like an Avon Lady as I hand out books.

Then, due to the heat outside, my dog, Milo, got sick.

All over my pants.

Sigh...I had spent so much time looking good today for that. LOL

I cleaned myself up, and him, and gave him some gatorade and a grape to eat. He loves grapes, but other than guarding it from everybody for awhile, he didn't feel like eating or drinking anything.

I decided to wait until the weather cooled in the evening to go out and canvass.

The traffic was so slow today, that I only was able to get one phone number. I gave out a few books and fliers though. Can't wait til the weather cools down, so I can stay out all day.

When I got home, my Milo finally drank his gatorade and ate his grape and was feeling a lot better. I was relieved. I can't imagine my life without my Milo. It was hard enough when he had to leave for a year or two until I could find a stable place to bring him home to.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Finishing up Deliveries

Today, I made the last of my Campaign 17 deliveries (except for one that is due to be delivered after the 1st of the month).

Then, I went to the bank and made my deposit at Wal-Mart. (My bank is inside the store).

Afterward, I walked the parking lot seeking customers for about 30 minutes.

I walked up to one lady in particular and said, "Hi! Do you need an Avon Lady?" I held up the book.

She said, "Yes, as a matter of fact I do! I've been looking for one! I even went online to search for a representative, but no one was close enough..."

I said, "Well, now you have one!" I took her number to call her back.

I went and bought the bus tickets from the "Bus Passes for the Homeless" campaign that ended on July 31. But, the Mission was closed by the time I got there, so I'll have to wait to give them the tickets I bought until another day.

I ended up with 4 new numbers to call, and after 30 minutes, I decided to go visit my mom, on my way to carry a book to another customer close by her that requested one.

After that, I came home and decided to do call backs. I took another $60 worth of orders, and still have 15 numbers left to call because they were not answering.

This campaign is slowly coming together, but it looks promising!

Don't forget to get your order in before Campaign 18 ends on the 19th!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Delivering, Canvassing, and Call-Backs

Today, I focused on labeling all my books so I wouldn't have to sit in a hot car labeling books when I am out canvassing. I also took the opportunity to make call-backs for the previous books I had given out. I ended up with 2 orders and 4 people asking me to call back in a couple of days out of the 12 people I called.

I made a delivery for over $30, and then went to the Wal-mart to canvass more books. I came home with four new phone numbers and gave out about 10 books.

This campaign seems harder to work for some reason. Maybe I am just tired.

I'll take tomorrow off to rest.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Being God's Hands and Feet as I sell Avon

As I was sitting in the apartment complex parking lot where I was delivering to two different apartments, a lady and her husband walked by. I held an Avon book out the window and said, "Do you need an Avon Lady?"

She walked over to my car, saying, "Yes, Ma'am! I need some Skin-So-Soft!"

I told her I had some available right now if she wanted it. She said she didn't have the money on her right now. I asked her if she wanted me to call her before I put my next order in. She said, "Please do!"

I made my last delivery at 4 PM. I had planned to go out and canvass at Wal-mart, giving out books and getting phone numbers for call-backs, but it looks like it is about to storm. I doubt I'll be able to tonight.

I am completely out of Campaign 18 books. I have two boxes of Campaign 19 books. I'm definitely going to have to order more books next campaign!

Last night I got another order from a family member...they are slowly trickling in for this campaign!

One of my deliveries is to an older lady who barely gets around. She lives in a big house all alone, and she loves Avon. I think she loves the visits more. I promised her I would be in touch with her every campaign. She said she felt like the other Avon Ladies forgot about her, because the last time she ordered, she never saw the lady again. It makes me feel like Avon is as much mission work for the Lord as it is making a living!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Avon at the Produce Line

Hello, World!

While I am trying to get my Avon Business to build up, I am taking advantage of any opportunity to save money on food and supplies.

Flower Acres Baptist Church gives away free produce to the public on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. The line of cars is long and I usually go prepared to sit and wait in my car about 2 to 3 hours as we slowly make our way up the line for them to fill our trunks with produce.

We never know what we are going to get, but you can bet that whatever we get will be a lot!

Today, I received 4 bags of onions, 2 cartons of strawberries 5 packages of celery, 6 heads of iceberg lettuce, 3 heads of Romaine Lettuce, a bag of Apples, 2 coconuts and 8 bags of grapes.

While I sat in the hot car waiting for the line to move up, I took advantage of the time I had to label all the Avon books I had with me in the car. I had to get out of my car a couple of times to move books from the back seat to the front, then back again as they were labeled.

A lady across the street saw me. She came over to my car and asked, "Are you selling Avon?"

I said, "Yes, Ma'am!"

"Can I have a book?"

"Well of course you can!"

She took her book back across the road and started looking through it. Shortly, a lady got out of the car in front of me and came to my window.

"Was that an Avon book you just gave her?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am. Would you like one!"

"I sure would!"

I thought it was neat how I could just sit there in my car and customers gravitated to me. LOL

It is why I decided to sell Avon. The product sells itself. All it needs is an Avon label. It is so easy to gain Avon customers.

And, then, God showed up.

When I left the house today from New Boston, my gas tank was nearly on empty. I had $3.00 in my purse (and a check I hadn't cashed yet because it was post-dated...) So I was worried about what I was going to do to get home. While I sat there labeling my books, I contemplated trying to sell some of the perfumes I had in my back seat for some cash.

As I pulled out of the produce line, I called my mom who lives in Redwater and told her that I had some stuff for her. I always share my produce. I figured if I could make it there, I could borrow a few dollars for gas.

Then, my phone rang. It was a customer who lived near where I was who was ready for her delivery.


I made the delivery, and left her with her Avon and a bag of onions and a head of lettuce. She gave me her money and told me to keep the change. I was happy (and so was she!)

Then, I went to a friend's house who was struggling, and I left her some onions, lettuce, cabbage and celery and grapes. She was happy.

Then, I got to thinking. My Avon order should be home by now. I got gas with the money my customer paid me and went home to unload my car and grab my mom's order.

I took her a coconut, some celery, lettuce, onions and grapes. She paid me for her Avon and was happy. She went on and on about how much she liked the Rare Pearls perfume she bought.

Then, as I drove back home, I remembered I promised a lady to stop by and show her my men's cologne collection that she was wanting to buy for her son. So when I got back to New Boston, I stopped by her home. She chose three items and set up an appointment for me to deliver it tomorrow, when she had the money.

I got home and put all my Avon in bags to get ready for delivery.

Tomorrow, I'll start making deliveries and call-backs for the next order to go in.

Whew! What a blessed day!

I hope yours is!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Irate House Wives and Avon

Hi, World!

Yesterday while I was door-knocking, I pulled over on the side of a street I was planning to canvass to label my Avon books with my name and phone number and web address, when a young man pulled out of his driveway and stopped his car next to mine and asked,

"Are you okay?"

I thought, "What a nice young man!" Then, I held up a book and told him, "I'm fine. I'm selling Avon. Would you like a book?"

He laughed and pointed out that guys might not be interested in make-up. I quickly told him, "Oh, but Avon is a whole lot more than make-up! We got great products for men, too! Colognes, after shave conditioners, deodorants, soap-on-a-rope, and there is a lot more stuff!"

He said, "Well, probably not. But my wife might be interested."

About that time, a blond lady came stomping out of her drive toward my car. She looked angry. I said, "Uh oh. She is probably wondering who the heck you are talking to..." About that time she rudely yells out,

"Who are YOU!"

I smiled and said, "The Avon Lady. Would you like a book?" The young man started driving off.

"No, thank you," she curtly answered, shaking her fist at him as he drove off. "Yeah! Get your drunk a** gone!" she yelled.

I figured I wouldn't knock on her door any time soon...LOL

Today, I went to Texarkana and deposited my money. Then, I went to a grocery store down the road and sat in the parking lot and labeled about 20 books. Then, as women came out of the store, I met them at their cars and asked, "Do you need an Avon Lady?"

If they said yes, I handed them a book and got their phone number.

I gave out 15 books and took 11 phone numbers in less than an hour an a half...and it was MUCH easier than knocking on doors.

I'm gonna have to do that more often.

I am so looking forward to call back day.

My Avon order should be here tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that as well.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sweating it...

I just got home from door-knocking, once again. It was so hot outside, I was sweating. My T-shirt was soaked with sweat. I can imagine how I looked to the customers who answered the door. LOL

I ended up giving out 17 books, collecting 5 more phone numbers and I have an appointment to see a lady at her house tomorrow with some men's cologne for her to buy for her son. She might want something for herself, too...She was too busy at the moment (she had an appointment with her kid's teacher).

Then, tomorrow I have to go to Texarkana to do some door knocking before I go to church, and I have another delivery to make tomorrow night.

I'm tired and wet with sweat, and praying for relief!

God meant it when He said,

Genesis 3
19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Last night when I got home from work I took a nutritional supplement that is sold by Avon for restful sleep. I figured it would take me a few hours for it to kick into effect.

Sure enough, around 9 p.m. I started getting sleepy. By 10:30 I was in bed. It is 6 a.m. and I've had the best sleep I've had in days.

So if you look at your Avon catalog and you find the Espira section, I urge you to look at those supplements. Avon is well-known for putting out quality products and this is no different. I think I'm going to start taking the energy supplements as well.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Another Hot Avon Day

Today I finished up my call-backs from the phone numbers I have collected, and I ended up with over $500 in orders for this campaign! WooHOO!

I'll definitely keep collecting phone numbers when I give out books.

I did a bunch of door-knocking. I gave out about 20 books, collected 8 phone numbers, delivered $12 worth of orders and sold a skin-so-soft for $7. Before I left home, I took another $50 worth of orders. I also set up my $100 gift certificate winner with an account to order off of. (He was happy. He said his wife and daughter will benefit from his account). Not a bad day -- except that it was HOT.

I completed 3 whole streets before the end of the day.

Also, I have ALL my bills paid except two, one is paying back on my credit I had to use while I wait for my money for the deliveries I'm making, and the other is my internet bill --- then I need to buy food. I have until the end of the month...All things are possible with God.

One of the things I love about going door to door is the people I meet. Today, one lady was in the process of moving, and had missed my knock. She heard me next door and waited by my car until I got back, just so she could buy some Skin-So-Soft. I gave her a book and my web address, and she told me to tell all my friends to come get her furniture she was setting by the curb and wasn't taking with her.

WooHOO! I'm on a roll!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

I Know God is Big Enough

Those who have been watching my posts for awhile know that about four months ago, I went from a job that I was making over $3,000 a month to being unemployed. I had a little over 2 months worth of bill money saved up.

Thirty years of going from job to job to survive has worn me down. God has held me up countless times during the last thirty years. Most of the time I had no benefits; and, yet, when I needed them most, God gave me what I needed when I needed it most. His timing in my life has always been perfect. My wants and desires have not.

This time, when I found myself unemployed again, I found myself aggravated and, in a way, angry. Why does God keep giving me my heart's desire and then take it away again? Why does He keep pulling me from place to place in my life, from having everything to having nothing, to barely getting by, to struggling to make ends meet, to robbing from Peter to pay Paul, to realizing that I didn't need much to having everything I could possibly want again just to put me in this position AGAIN and AGAIN...and, again.

I was tired of losing everything, depending on other people and corporations for a paycheck, for my survival.

I learned a long time ago to store back what I can because I will always, inevitably, need it at some point. This time, I started a savings and investment account. I bought a canner. I purchased a freezer. And, I put money down on a home that payments on are cheaper than I would pay in rent anywhere...and give me the option of renting out my extra rooms. I also got approved for two lines of credit, should I need it.

Two months was all I had saved up.

I took a week to grieve the loss of my job before I started putting out applications. Even then, I was so angry and depressed that I couldn't put my heart into finding a job. I wanted something to do that would bring in money and I wouldn't have to worry about losing my job again. I needed MY OWN BUSINESS. And, I needed it to work.

Avon was the answer.

I decided to invest as much as I could invest into it, so when I run out of my two months of saving, I at least had something coming in. So, that's what I did.

No, I'm not making near enough to make what I was making yet, but I see the possibility, and I have a God that is big enough to make it happen. If I put in as much work and as many hours I did at a job with a paycheck, my Avon business will be successful. And, if I depend on a God that is big enough to make that happen, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I may not get rich, or even make what I made, but my needs will be provided for. My boss is always on time with my check.

And, my God owns a lot of banks.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am still looking for a job. I think I've decided, finally, that the answer is no. I have a job.

I counted the time. It's been four months. God has carried me the last two. I have no doubt He will continue to do so.

Thank you, God, for the opportunity to trust You more!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Avon On-hand Profits

Hello, World!

I am used to getting up around noon because I stay up to work on marketing my websites at night, so I go to sleep late. But, this morning, I got up at 9 AM to bathe and leave the house for an appointment meet-up at Wal-Mart at 11 AM in Texarkana (approximately 25 mile drive from my home).

The customer bought and paid for $19 worth of Skin-so-soft.

I had another appointment in Texarkana around 4 PM, so instead of going back home, I took advantage of the time in between to do some door-knocking. I was able to collect two phone numbers, then decided to try to catch another customer at home I had a delivery for in the area. She paid me $28 for her order, then ordered another $20 worth of Avon.

I then went back to the street I was on to do more knocking, when I got a phone call from the daughter of the customer I was supposed to meet at 4 PM. She wanted to know what Perfumes I had on-hand. She lived down the street from her mother, so I immediately went to see her. She ended up paying me $36 for some perfumes she found she liked, and took a book to order more from Avon later.

Since she informed me that her mother was home, I went ahead and collected the $8 from her mother and decided it had been a profitable enough day to go ahead and come home. Besides, today is payday for my house-mate, who owes me rent -- and we are looking forward to getting some groceries in the house, which I have to be able to transport him to buy.

I am now washing clothes and waiting for dinner tonight.

Would you believe I am almost out Skin-So-Soft again?

Have a blessed day!

P.S. I forgot to mention, I was walking down the street doing door-to*door yesterday and I found a Regions Bank Card on the street. I asked all the houses around if they knew this person but no one did. I didn't tell them why. Today I called the bank and told them I had found this person's card and the bank closed the card and thanked me.

Then, I thought about seeing if she was on FB. I contacted her to try to let her know, but I don't know if she got the message because she hadn't posted in a while ... hope the card was found before money got stolen.

Bank guy said, "I don't know of anyone who would do what you just did. Thank you."

Made me feel all warm and fuzzy...LOL

Just #showingintegrity

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Cucumbers and Avon

Hello, World!

I woke up around 1 PM (I stay up late nights to work on the computer...) and I got bathed and dressed for the day. I packed up my car and then was on my way to Texarkana to make a delivery and do some door knocking. As I neared Hooks, I received a phone call from a friend who said she had some cucumbers for me. I told her, "Oh, WOW! Thanks, but I'm on my way to Texarkana right now. I have a delivery to make. You can sit them on my door step if you want!" Then I told her how to find my house.

She said I gave good directions. LOL

When I got to Texarkana with my delivery, the lady I was delivering to wasn't home. It was still a little early, so I called and left a message for her to call me when she got home, that I was in the neighborhood, knocking on doors.

The first house I came to, the man wanted some of the Skin-so-Soft I had with me. But he couldn't buy it until next week. So I took down his information and scheduled a visit for next week.

The next house I came to was an older lady. She was eager to get a book, but unable to order today. I showed her a bottle of my Skin-so-Soft and explained that I was selling them for just $7.00 and she immediately went to her purse to get some money for it.

Then, my customer I was delivering to called. I delivered the Avon and collected the money then went back to do some more door knocking. After knocking on doors for two blocks, I went to Taco Tico to cool off for a bit. Then, I returned to where I left off to continue my work. I gave out about ten books and had two phone numbers at around 6 PM. I decided I needed one more phone number (to fulfill the "Power of Three") when a Facebook friend I had helped out with information about how to obtain much needed groceries that she badly needed and had heard about me from a friend, called.

After playing phone tag on messenger, I was finally able to stay connected long enough to get her address. She was in Wake Village, just around the corner from where I was, so I made the trip over there.

I misread the house number I had written down and went to the wrong address. When the lady answered the door, I mentioned the name of the lady I was intending to see. She said, "Oh no, she doesn't live here. But I think she lives on this street somewhere. What are you selling?"

I told her I was an Avon Independent Sales Rep. I asked her if she wanted a book, and then I took down her information to make a call back. Wallah! Number three...but I still needed to see my friend.

I realized I had read the address wrong and finally made it to the right house. She hugged my neck and said how delighted she was to finally meet me. She told her fiance' who was there with her, "This girl saved my life!" She said she finally asked for my assistance after five different people told her that she should meet me.

"Am I really that famous?" I laughed. She said, "Apparently SO!"

She bought two of my Skin-So-Soft bottles. I came home with $40 more than I left home with this morning, and one order, 3 new phone numbers and about 8 addresses to do call backs on.

Not a bad day.

When I got home, there was a bucket of cucumbers waiting for me.

I am so blessed!

Hope yours is too!