Thursday, February 6, 2020

Not Perfect

Hello, World

Today, I've been resting. I have made it a point to do absolutely nothing.

There is a lot I know I should be doing, and, later, I may get bored enough to actually do something, but so far, I've done absolutely nothing.

And, I've enjoyed it.

I've kept myself busy surfing the internet so I don't think about things too much.

I've listened to the President's remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. This made me think about what being a Christian is really about, when at one point the President admitted that it was hard for him, as a Christian, to not hate some people. He said he was learning, and it was hard, and he admitted he wasn't there yet, but he was trying. It's hard to love people when they are actively trying to destroy you in your face.

I see comments on Facebook all the time from people who judge Trump, accusing him of being the opposite of Christian -- basically condemning him to hell (as if that is their job). I've heard friends talk about the reason they don't support Trump is that he is a hypocrite because his wife was a nude model and he has no respect for women.

Yet, on February 4 I heard him champion women during his speech. I heard him apologize to women about it taking so long to give them the credit they deserve in the workplace. I heard him thank his wife for all she had done as First Lady and the support she has given him.

I have to admit, I didn't vote for Trump because he repelled me as the person I knew him to be.

But, today, I am reminded that when you accept Christ into your life, you become a new creature. The old has passed away and all things are made new. The person Donald Trump was before he was elected as President is not the person he is now. And, as a Christian, it is not my job to judge who he used to be, because that person no longer exists. It is not my job, even, to judge who he is, because God is actively working in his life to change him. It is my job to encourage him in who God wants him to be. It is my job to applaud his effort.

The man is clearly doing the best he can.

And, so am I. Who am I to judge anyone? I'm clearly not perfect. If some people knew what I've done even during this past year, they would probably lose all respect for me as a person. I praise God that He loves me enough to see me for who I can become rather than who I am, and that He loves me, anyway.

God knows my heart. He knows my reasons. He knows my struggles. He knows my pain. And, He is giving me the strength to gradually become better than I was.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

Have a blessed day!

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