Monday, April 25, 2016

Henceforth, I call you "Friend"

Some things you won't see on my time line:

I do not post pictures (for the most part) that prompt people to "Say Amen!", or "Like if you believe..." or...

"If you are still my friend, respond to this..."

If you are my friend, you are here already. I keep an eye out for everyone every day. I don't need validation. Besides, If you are not responding to my posts and you have not blocked me yet, I just assume that you haven't been on facebook in awhile, or you don't have the time due to other circumstances, or that you are no longer able. I don't defriend you because of it. I don't have enough friends to have to do that. No one gets turned away unless your profile doesn't check out when I get the friend request. Period.

And, Jesus doesn't need people who proclaim Him as Lord, yet doesn't live it. Saying Amen and liking a post doesn't mean you actually live for Him. It's like going to church on Sunday just so you can call yourself a Christian, yet not changing anything in your life Monday through Saturday to reflect it. So, I don't do that.

I also don't respond to "Send this to 10 people to show me...or you'll have good luck...or something bad will happen if you don't." It's a waste of time. I believe everything is in God's Hands, and the fact that you are my friend should be enough. Sending a post doesn't prove who will be there when the chips are down.

And, when people aren't there when I need them to be doesn't warrant a block, or a de friending. I assume that you just don't have what I need, or that you, yourself are in need of prayer and help. My friends are not my friends based on what they can do for me. If I don't get what I ask for, I assume that God has other plans. Period.

And, that's a two way street. I may not respond to your needs. If I don't, it's because either I didn't see the post, or I didn't have what you need, or because circumstance did not make it possible for me to help you. Believe me, I would be there if there was anyway in the world I could. But I can only give what God has given me to give. Period.

Jesus certainly didn't choose me based on what I have. After all, He is the one providing for all of my needs in the end.He chose me based on what He could do for me. He loves me just because He created me. And I don't choose to follow Him because I expect an answer to all of my prayers. He answers all of my prayers. Sometimes the answer is "No", and I have learned that He knows what's best for me in the end. I trust Him regardless of what He does for me. I praise him through my tears as well as my laughter.

I want to be more like Jesus. Therefore, I don't choose my friends based on what they can do for me, or on what they have. I choose them because exist, and because Jesus loved them enough to die on a cross for them, and rose again to give them hope. I want people to see what Jesus is doing in MY life, so they can have hope that He can do it in theirs. I can't do that by getting angry because people are different from me, or don't have it to give, or don't respond, and I can't do that if my friends can't see it.

Just saying...

John 15:15
“Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.”

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Don't Need Mr. Big Stuff in my life when God is my husband

I don't need a man who thinks he's higher than God in my life.

I don't want a man who says, "Yes, dear". I want a man who says, "Yes, Lord".

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Picture of Redemption

Today, me and my friend Dallas got a sweet surprise when Betty and Buren Jones and Rosa came to visit us at 1st Bikers Church. They came to honor their son, Johnny, who died, ironically, on the anniversary of Brother Danny's accident that took his life.

Today, we used the service to Remember Brother Danny, and reflect upon his life, before and after Christ in it. We rejoiced with his family that we will see him again one day.

It was a perfect day for the Joneses to visit us and gain confidence that they, too, will see their son again, and to rejoice with us. Danny's absence hasn't deterred him from continuing to bless others.

I love my church family, and I love showing them off to my friends who haven't experienced our worship environment. I was so proud that they were welcomed in the way that my church is famous for doing. I am proud to be a member of such a loving church family.

I am looking forward to prayer and church services tonight. I hope your day is as blessed as mine has been today already.

Dallas, Rosa and Me at 1st Bikers Church this morning. I love my friends!

As I look at this picture and think of what my friend Rosa said about it, "A picture of Redemption", I can't help but think about this fully.

We were all raised in a little Hick Town of Hooks, Texas. Rosa's family was one of the first families there that reached out to me. They taught me the importance of inviting people to church. More importantly, they taught me the importance of what Christ is supposed to mean in your life ... that He is so much more than a Church Icon, a figure of speech, or a story you tell your children on Christmas.

We grew up. We went our separate ways. We left home, backslid, fell down, got dirty and grasped at straws.

Then, we got up, turned around, dusted ourselves off and figured out that the home we left, the Jesus that had let us go, was still the same Jesus that watched us leave, and was still there to welcome us back.

Today, we Praised Him together for the first time in nearly 30 years. I can't help but think that with today being so joyful as we realized the people that He had made us into when we, as "prodigal daughters" returned "home", how much MORE joyful we are going to feel when we meet in heaven to Praise Him together THERE!

The feeling we felt today will be so amplified...and it doesn't seem possible, yet we KNOW it to be true!

A picture of Redemption below. So much truth in that.

This song is dedicated to our loved ones we celebrated today as they have gone home to the Maker:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

RIP Merle Haggard

One of Country Music's greatest, Merle Haggard, has passed away. He will be missed.

Read about it here

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

BREAKING – “Bikers for Trump” Just Made a Big Announcement, Get Ready to Rumble!

The front runner from a major political party should NOT have to rely upon the goodwill of patriotic Americans to ensure both his and his supporters right to free speech will be protected and respected. (a quote from the article).

I disagree. Patriotic Americans should always be standing up for each other's rights. It's how we, as Americans, keep our freedom. When we are able to prove to the powers that be that our rights and freedoms are important to us, they will leave them alone,or suffer the consequences.

Read the article by clicking here