Monday, September 30, 2019

Job Hunting, Intimacy and Dating

Today I came to the realization that it was time to find another job. Not that I'm giving up on Avon, but that my business needs some supplemental income and time to grow. I put all I had into for 6 months, and it got me this far, but now my house payment is in jeapordy.

So, I filled out applications for an interview tomorrow.

Pray I get the job.

Also, I did all of my call-backs. I separated my active customers from my inactive customers in order to save money on future sales promotions. I don't want to waste money and time on customers who never order.

If they want a book, they can call and ask for one.

I ended up with an order of $360. Not near what I was hoping for, but my attention has been elsewhere this campaign.

I've considered getting back into the dating arena, also. But, I've decided to settle more for a "friends night out every now and then" sort of life. I am badly in need of socialization, and I don't want to give some poor man hope if there isn't any. Especially if he is hoping for intimacy.

That is something I am saving for someone special.

Well. It's a big day tomorrow. Have a blessed night!

Sunday, September 29, 2019


I woke up at 7:30 this morning and could not go back to sleep. Wow. That's a change. I think I'm going to go to church this morning here in New Boston.

It's amazing how, when you look back, you realize how much God is willing to do to protect you.

I need to rely on God's judgment and not my own. And I need to lean on God's patience and not my own. And I think that that is what He's trying to teach me right now...

At least God is not telling me "no"; but, "not right now" sometimes sounds like it -- and feels like it. This makes me realize that judgment based on emotion is always folly. Judgment should always be based on God's will.

I wonder what God has planned for me right now? I wish I knew. And I realize, it is that desire to know that always gets us in trouble.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Takin' Care of Business...

WHEW! What a DAY!

First, I went to Flower Acres Baptist Church today to get much needed produce they were giving away. The Harvest Food Bank ships produce to various places around the area to be picked up by those who could use it. When Farmers have produce they can't sell commercially for whatever reason (too thick, too thin, too big, too small) rather than waste it, they let the food banks have it for the needy. Some of it may be day old apples (still good, just didn't sell) etc. I got a whole box of them today...(as well as cabbage, white onions, LOTS of potatoes and a box of plums and 2 small watermelons and about a 50 lb bag of carrots.

I went to three different houses to distribute my over-abundance to people who I knew needed it badly. I still ended up with a WHOLE lot to store back.

Then, I went to make a delivery of Avon. On the way, I took a $30 order from a previous customer who called me. Then, I made my delivery. I collected the money and gave the customer some of the carrots and apples I still had a lot of.

Then, I came home, unloaded my car, then took off to make another big delivery.

After collecting the money, I decided to splurge and buy a $5.00 Roast for the crock pot. We haven't had real meat for a few days and I am ready for some protein in my body. With the carrots, onions and potatoes, I'm going to feast!

Also, I hadn't even had a glass of tea today, so I was suffering. LOL.

When I finally sat down with my glass of tea, after running all day, I received another order for Avon, bringing my order total to over $200 so far for this campaign!

I haven't even started making call-backs yet! And, I didn't do some of what I wanted to get accomplished today because I didn't have time. There is always tomorrow...

My day has been blessed!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Tooth-aches and Sales

Monday I spent the day delivering as many books to previous customers as I could. I went and visited with a cousin who was in from out of town, and even sold her a little bit of Avon.

I also gave out books to family members while I was there.

On Tuesday, I had a tooth-ache from you know where. It incapacitated me. I was either nursing it, or sleeping through-out the day.

I tried to go out and distribute books, but I ended up riding around in a circle because I was in so much pain, and coming back to the house.

Today, the tooth-ache was still there, but the pain had subsided I went to the local Wal-mart, bought some more tooth-ache medicine and some aspirin, and gave out a few books. I was able to get one $25 order before I decided to call it a day and go home to finish nursing my mouth.

Maybe the tooth-ache will be gone by tomorrow. It's not getting worse. That's a plus.

I've learned to make cloves my friend, though.

I have about 3 new phone numbers to list, also.

Tomorrow, I have to make my bi-weekly trip to Flower Acres to get some free produce that we need badly (I had 4 wieners and some oatmeal to eat yesterday, and about the same today). Then, have a couple of deliveries to make before I come home to start my call backs for this campaign.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Just Like Jesus

Me and Jesus spent a great day together today. He woke me up, and provided water for my bath, and all the things I needed to bathe and dress comfortably.

Then, I spent time listening to God's Word through Matthew Butler, John Hagee, Matthew Hagee, Joyce Meyer and Rick Warren. A lot of it was what I needed to hear.

Then, we turned on Crowder Radio on Pandora and ate.

I didn't have many groceries, but He provided me with some cabbage and onions and all the stuff I needed to fix an awesome fried cabbage.

I was kind've disappointed about past relationships. So, while we ate, I told Him,

"Jesus, I'm so tired of trying. I've been used by so many in my 50 years on this earth."

Jesus raised his eyebrow and nodded. He's a good listener.

I said, "My heart has been broken to pieces, and when I picked up the pieces and tried something else, it didn't work."

He continued to nod.

"But, I was stubborn. I didn't give up. I exercised patience until somebody decided I wasn't good enough and pushed me away. I kept trying. I've been handed over to people not so nice and who were very selfish..."

Jesus raised His hand and said, "Yes, but..."

I didn't let Him finish. I continued...

"I drifted like a leaf in the wind for awhile, and then I had to deal with someone who was never happy with what I had to give him."

"Yes," Jesus tried again, "But..."

"And then, finally someone took me and abused me, lied to me, lied about me, accused me of things I didn't do, stole from me, and took all I had, shamed me, beat me bloody, and didn't even think he was in the wrong..."

"Yes," Jesus said. "I know how you feel, but..."

"Now, it's hard for me to find someone who doesn't have better things to do than be with someone who is trying to be good. I keep trying. But...should I give up?"

Jesus looked at me with those loving, piercing eyes, all the way to the depths of my soul. And, what He said next cut me deep.

"Have I? I give everything. I hurt. I've been beaten, spat on, lied to, lied about, hurt, disappointed, grieved, and alone. People never seem to have time for me. Many never confide in me when they should -- when it's hardest and when they are hurting. I want nothing more than to just be with them when they go through their worst, but they can't even love me enough then."

He paused for a moment with his eyes smiling kindly and watering just a little, as if He were going to drop a tear at any moment, and continued with, "I have never given up. I keep loving. I love in spite of how hard it is. I hold on even when the world lets go. I search the ends of the earth to find the lost. I will wait patiently until the end of time for someone to finally call and tell me they are ready for something better than what they have preferred. And, then, I am overjoyed! Because I finally get to show them how much they have missed!"

Then He put His arms around me and He pulled me close to Him in a big hug that made me feel like I had all I needed and nothing to want for; and, He said, "Just like YOU."

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Soup and Tylenol

Hello, World.

Today I woke up at noon because I was up until about 3:30 AM this morning. I bathed and gathered all my boxes and moved them to the car.

It feels like I am moving every time I leave with Avon to do.

I got pulled over on Daniel's Chapel Road. The cop was nice. I had forgot my money bag at the house, and it had my license and insurance information in it. I told him my license number, but he didn't use it. He asked me how to spell my name.

He asked me if I'd ever been arrested.

He asked me what I was in the process of doing.

The radio confirmed that I was who I said I was, and that I had insurance. I thought it was neat that he could find all that out with just my name...

He told me to slow down and be careful and have a nice day. I was relieved.

I went to Texarkana and delivered all the books I had time to deliver, then it got real dark and I figured my day was done. I still have quite a few books left to deliver to previous customers, but I put a big dent in it today.

I came home with a headache, hungry, cramps and tired.

Gary made some potato and corn soup. I wasn't expecting to have supper already cooked when I got home. That was nice, and it was good. And, did I mention how hungry I was?

I sure welcomed that big glass of sweet tea, too.

And Tylenol.

Ya'll have a blessed day.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Rainy Day

Hello, World!

Today I spent the day delivering to as many customers as I could. I went to the bank, made a deposit, and then got calls from more customers to deliver to.

I sat at the Pitt Grill for awhile and labeled some books, gave out some more books, then it started raining.

I came home and went down my previous customer list, which notes which campaign they received a book, and I labeled and packaged proper books and flyers for each of them to deliver in the next few days.

Maybe those who haven't ordered during the last few campaigns will finally order. I sure could use a great campaign.

In two weeks, Avon will start selling Christmas products, so you might want to stay tuned and check out my Avon website.

I'll finish off the night labeling the rest of my books for new customers.

Ya'll have a blessed night.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Avon, Milo and Deer

Today, my Avon order came in early.

I spent two hours bagging all the products for delivery, complete with books and samples.

The trailer park owner sent some dude to pass out letters to all the people in the park. They raised the lot rent by $50. I told Gary (one of my housemates), "Do you know how much Avon I have to sell to make another $50?" They claimed it was because of the water rate increase. Gary started griping about President Trump, saying it was his fault. I wasn't sure what Trump had to do with the water rate increase, but I let him gripe. I didn't feel like debating today.

Then, I decided to deliver to my mom and sister.

My sister was in New Boston, about a mile away from me. She asked me to meet her at Wal-Mart. Her truck was hooked to a trailer so she didn't want to come to my house in the Trailer park. So, I gathered up her order, mom's order, and another customer's order to deliver along the way.

My mom was camping out at the lake, so after making the first two deliveries, me and my dog, Milo, went to the lake.

This morning, I had asked Milo, "You want to go with Mama to see MeeMaw?" He ran around in circles and jumped in my lap to try to lick my face. I told him, "Okay! OKay! Not right now! Later this evening!"

He waited by the door all day until it was time to go. I didn't have the heart not to take him with me. LOL

When we got to the camp site, Milo ran around peeing on every tree he came to. He was so excited to be there he was panting with thirst. So, I went into my mom's new camper and retrieved a bowl of water. Before I put it down, I made Milo bark "I love you!" Everyone got a kick out of that. Milo wanted water BAD!

Then, we saw 5 deer across the road. I took a picture (included in this post). I was afraid Milo would notice them and try to chase them, so I hooked him back on the leash until it was time for us to go home.

I am home now, fixing to label my new Avon books.

Have a blessed night!

Gratitude for Diversity

Hello, World

Today has been a day of reflection and gratitude. I look back and realize, as I contemplate my past, my present and my future, how utterly blessed I am.

This time of year is when I start "reflecting" the most.

I look at the people here on Facebook and otherwise that I am blessed to call "friends", and I see how diverse they all are. Some are cops, some are criminals. Some are Christian, and some are not. Some are family, and some are distant acquaintances who "pop in" from time to time. Some I run into at the store, or while I am out selling Avon, and others I wonder about.

Some are special friends. They were my teachers who taught me about loyalty and unconditional love. They taught me that imperfection is inevitable, and heart-aches are not permanent.

Some of them taught me that life is short, and to live each moment as if it is our last. Some lived those moments with me and made memories that we look back on with a smile, mixed with a little pain of wishful thinking about how we would like to go back and relive those times.

As I remember, I take stock of where I am and what I have gained since I came from there. I am thankful for every heart-break, every tear, every struggle and every failure. Those are what led me to where I am, in order to be who I am.

As I told a friend just today, I look at where I am, who I am, and I look around at everyone I've ever known and where they are, and I am thankful. Where I am and who I am could have turned out so much worse. I am so blessed.

So, if you are here reading this, then I want you to know how thankful I am to have you in my life. If you are feeling as if you don't matter, come talk to me -- because each of you, in your own way, have changed my life for the better.

I love you all.

Good night.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The 100

Today was HOT.

I left the house about 1:45 PM and went to the local Walmart and parked my car. Then I gathered up my books and started walking the parking lot, asking every lady I could if they needed an Avon Lady and showing them the catalog.

I talked to 100 People today.

20 said they wanted a book and that they would call me.

2 said they sold Avon and thought I was really working hard.

1 said she lived too far away. I showed her the website and explained that she could order online, and that I am only a phone call away if she needed me. She exclaimed, "WOW! Avon has really come a long way!"

2 said they had never ordered Avon before but would like to look at the book.

3 gave me their phone number.

5 said they had an Avon Lady already.

All the rest said they weren't interested. 77 said "No".

Not bad for a day's work.

I am out of catalogs for Campaign 21 already, and am only 2 days into the campaign. But, I still have about 100 Mini-catalogs to give out.

I'm hot and tired.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Room for Improvement

Today I woke up and saw a post that let me know that Flower Acres had a surprise shipment of food they were giving away. I left as soon after as I could, but by the time I got there, all the food was gone.

I then stopped at Mission Texarkana to give them the bus passes I had bought from my Bus Passes for the Homeless campaign. The lady in charge said she was about to go and buy some more, that the bus passes were more than appreciated!

Then, I came home because it was just so hot, and after yesterday's exhaustive day, I didn't want to deal with it. But, I did manage to make all my call-backs today.

One of my customers called to say she was ready for her delivery, so I took care of that.

Then, I cooked supper.

I only hit 35% this campaign. Things have definitely got to improve.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jalapeno Fun

Jalapeno Tree
What a day! Definitely taking advantage of the time to relax in the cool air. But, today was AWESOME!

I actually agreed to let a friend pick me up on his motorcycle for a lunch date. We rode all the way to Mount Pleasant via interstate, ate at the Jalapeno Tree there, (I actually had a Jalapeno Margarita, just so I could say I had one...LOL) Then, we took the scenic route back, stopping in Dekalb to get something to drink on the way. I hadn't realized that riding the back of a bike would make me so thirsty for water!

It was GREAT!

When I got home, I was so full from the lunch, I was glad he didn't take me to eat at the buffet. I laid down and napped for a little bit, and cooled off.

He was a perfect gentleman. And, I had fun!

Today I'm not working. I'm spending time at home, doing things I like to do when I am not working Avon.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Opportunity and Help

Today I went to Cash-Savers on New Boston Road to canvass. Beside the store, there is a another store that is empty, closed down, and used to be a Flea Market. On the window, in big pink letters, is the words, "AVON SOLD HERE".

I thought how sad it was that it didn't work out for them. But, here is an opportunity for ME.

I was able to secure one order and three more phone numbers during the two and a half hours I was there. Business was slow. I suspect due to the Four States Fair that is in town. Business ALWAYS slows down during this time of year.

So, after working in the hot 95 degree sun, I decided to go home.

But, OH NO! I left my key on! Now my battery was dead.

I got on the internet and put a call out for help, and Praise God! A friend from church was nearby to help me!

God is GREAT! (And my friends are AWESOME!)

I am $6000 away from President's club status in sales. And, my Avon order this campaign just hit the 35% commission mark. I need to make at least $250 more in sales to beat last campaign.

Click HERE to buy Avon!

Staying Chaste

One of the things that I have experienced from being chaste is that when men finally realize that you are serious in your commitment to stay that way until a commitment with them is reached, they want to turn tail and run.

Most men in this day and age will only get married for two reasons: they either knocked you up or they want to own you.

They only sleep with you for one reason: they are horny.

I'm sorry but neither of those is reason enough for me to spread my legs.

I want a man who is emotionally invested. So if a man is emotionally unavailable, he might as well not even try.

And, it's going to take a lot more than words to prove how emotionally invested he is. So if he isn't willing to spend time with me, or to talk to me about personal and intimate issues, and he doesn't believe in the things that I believe in, and he doesn't like to do the things that I like to do or vice versa, then I am not interested and it will never happen. And, it takes time to get to know all of this about each other. So, jumping right in bed is not an option.

I have ended up with enough losers in my life. I want to make good and sure I'm not going to end up with someone who is a loser again.

One of the things I've learned since I made the decision not to spread my legs about 5 years ago, is that you start to see things with a much clearer vision. I have realized that God doesn't make laws in order to trip us up or make us feel guilty. He makes his laws for our protection.

So when some loser comes along, and he doesn't stand the test of time that it takes to build a relationship, I praise God that I had his rules to guide me.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Honey Blossom and Avon Stories Collection

Today, I figured I could just sit the rest of this campaign out, since I didn't have any more books for this campaign; or, I could go ahead and work with the Campaign 21 books and see if I could put in whatever orders I got with the C-20 order, to try to build my order total and earnings percentage for this campaign.

Plus, I have a lot of perfumes on-hand I could sell.

So, I loaded up a small, decorated box with perfumes I knew were on sale this campaign. Packed the box with a few books and flyers and my order book, and set out to make some sales.

First I went down about 2 streets knocking on doors. I gave out a few books, left a few flyers on doors, and was able to collect 1 phone number. Then, I left there and went to the local businesses that were open after 5 PM.

I was able to introduce the Honey Blossom perfume to one lady who liked it and said she'd like to buy it but don't have the money right now. She asked if I could come back next week. I informed her that she could order one, and she wouldn't have to pay for it until the order came in. I told her when that should be. So, she made her order.

I left there and drove all the way to Texarkana, stopping at businesses, introducing the Honey Blossom Perfume and giving out books and flyers.

I ended up selling my bottle of Honey Blossom Perfume for half-price, since it was a demo, and having to start selling my Work Your Magic Perfume and introducing the "Storybook Series" that goes with it. Buy 2 for $19.

I ended up collecting 4 phone numbers today, on top of my order and my sale.

I think I'm getting good at this.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Some days are stones...

Some days are diamonds, Some days are stones. The old John Denver comes to mind while working this campaign. Some campaigns are better than others. Some are definitely not diamond grade.

Like this one.

I have made all the phone calls I can make this campaign, (except for about 5 I am giving some extra time for to view the book). I have only ended up with half the orders I had last campaign.

My brakes can be blamed for some of it. Lack of enough books can be blamed for some of it. I'm sure Fair season has a lot to do with most of it.

I've given out all my books for this campaign already and have no more to work with. I can only hope that I get a few more orders before Monday.

Today I went to Flower Acres to pick up some free produce. I ended up bringing on LOTS of Apples, Oranges, Onions and Potatoes.

I guess I can go ahead and start next campaign early, since I have lots of books to work with there.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Canvassing and Callbacks

Today I stuck close to home and knocked on doors on about 3 different streets. I have distributed all of my Campaign 20 books, with only a few flyers left.

I've made it a point to order some door hangers for door-knocking days so I can hang flyers on doors that don't answer the knock.

After I gave out all my books, I came home and decided to start doing my call-backs.

I have 78 numbers to call. I was only able to get through to 27 today, and all my orders so far total $118.

This campaign is looking good so far. Not as good as last campaign, but I still have about 50 call-backs to make.


So, on Tuesday, I made a delivery, then went to Cash-Saver on New Boston Road and sat in the parking lot for nearly two hours waiting for customers I could approach with an Avon book. I collected two phone numbers, then went to Wal-mart on Summerhill Road and walked the parking lot with my books. Finally, after about 30 minutes and only four books gone, I decided to canvass on Hazel Street.

It was so hot that I only walked three blocks. I started feeling heat sick, so I returned to my car and decided to drive home. I was able to give out about five more books and take one more phone number.

I've decided that tomorrow I am sticking close to home and I'll try to canvass some more on streets I haven't been on.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Back in Business!

This afternoon, my friend fixed my brakes for me. I was so grateful!

I did give away a few books today. I have 75 more books to give away in the next four days.

I also went to bank and finally deposited my money.

It feels so good to be able to drive my car again without that noise every time I push the brakes...
It feels safer, too. LOL

And, God was good to me on the price today. I celebrated by buying much needed tea and sugar...and dog food.

Tomorrow, it's back to work big time, making up for lost time!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Fear is a Liar

I am fearless

Well, not really. More often than not, I leave the house afraid each day.

I'm afraid I will run out of gas.

I'm afraid I won't make enough in sales to pay my bills.

I'm afraid of each person I approach every day -- afraid they won't like me, or afraid they will reject me, or afraid they will order and not pay, or that they will order something they don't like, or that they will take a book and not call or turn me down during my call back.

I'm afraid my house will burn down while I am gone, or my dogs will find a way to run off.

I'm afraid of meeting someone who only wants me for my body or my money.

I'm afraid of not having enough money -- running out of tea, sugar, food, and not having clean clothes.


Each day I face those fears head on. I leave the house determined that a hundred "No" is worth one single "Yes!"

One smile from a stranger is worth ten scowls.

One friendship is worth wondering if my friend will be fearless when I say "No", and stick around anyway.

One stranger who becomes a friend, as well as a lifetime customer is worth a thousand gallons of gas bought on credit.

Joyce Meyer said it best in her sermon today:

"Do it afraid!"


Yesterday morning I got up early to deliver the last of the Avon I had to deliver, except what was already pre-scheduled for other days in the next week.

I had to drive 10 miles to deliver it.

During the past couple of weeks my brakes have made this sound like sandpaper on wood when I stop the car, or slow down. This has had me anxious, since I depend on my car to do my selling and deliveries a LOT.

Without my car I have no business. And, paying off all these people who keep calling me and bugging me would be impossible.

One bill collector called me before I left yesterday asking how I would like to pay the bill, check, credit or debit? I told him none of the above, as I currently was not getting a paycheck. I didn't have a regular job. He defiantly asked me, "Then how do you pay your bills, then?" I wanted to hang up on him right then. Instead, I said, "Credit cards and Avon. And, since my credit cards are maxed out nearly, I'm probably going to be homeless soon." THEN I hung up on him because of his rudeness.

I came home after the delivery and got online to beg for help. I had no money to spare for brake pads, but I'd have even less if I didn't get them fixed. So, I was looking for the best price possible.

A friend of mine I've known for years said he would come by and help me out.

So, today, he showed up and drove my car for about 5 minutes to assess the damage. Then he took a look under the car.

"Your rear brake pads are bare. Definitely in need of change. I think your front ones are okay, but I will need to check it out in my shop to make sure. I'll get your parts and you can meet me tomorrow at my shop."

Sounds like a plan. I'm not looking forward to spending the money I don't have, but I am excited about being able to drive my car so I can go back to work again!

In the meantime, I've been working on finishing the labels on all my books. I have 260 books to distribute (80 for this campaign alone, so I NEED to get to work!)

I have them all done now, and today is my day of rest and relaxation and prayer.

And, I have a LOT to pray for today, not to mention thanking God for great friends who are there when I need them!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Using GPS for Directions

Today, I actually woke up early this morning and was out of the house by 10 AM to start making deliveries. I delivered in Texarkana first.

I figured out how to use my GPS, and I used it liberally! I made record time on deliveries! I LOVE my GPS!

After I collected over $100, and took a $17 order, I drove to the bank and made a deposit. Then, I was able to deliver another $86 before I came back to New Boston.

When I came back to New Boston, I stopped at my house. It was around 2 PM at that time. I rested for about 30 minutes, fixed me a glass of tea and was out the door again.

After making all the deliveries I could make in New Boston, I headed toward my mother's to deliver her Avon. There was one lady I couldn't seem to get a hold of who I knew lived between my house and my Mom's.

Mom informed me that they were having a fish fry; so, naturally, I stayed awhile, at least an hour and a half.

Then, I finally was able to get in touch with the last delivery I could make today. She gave me round about directions with landmarks and road numbers. Didn't help I didn't know the road numbers or where they were. And, she didn't know how to give directions.

I drove for about 2 hours -- north, south, east and west. Finally, it was nearly dark. A crossing-guard was riding his bicycle down one of the roads I was on. I stopped and told him what landmarks I was looking for and associated it with a road number. My GPS would not log her address for some reason, so the GPS didn't help me.

Thankfully, he knew where I should go. It was pretty far away from where I was, but I found it, never-the-less, and when she met me at the door, I asked her if she was who I was looking for. She laughed and said, "Yes. I thought you done gave up. This place is hard enough to find during the daylight, much less at dark!"

I told her, "All I have to say is, you BETTER stay my customer! Because I know where you live now!" LOL

She laughed louder and said, "That's a good one!"

It was after 8 PM when I got home. I had over $200 in my pouch to be deposited after I make my deliveries tomorrow. I made a total of over $300 in deliveries today. I was proud of myself -- not to mention tired!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Calling for Avon

Today I received my Avon order. As I was in the middle of packaging all of the orders to be delivered and arranging them for delivery in boxes I could load in my car, several customers called to find out if their Avon had come in.

When I told them that yes, I had their Avon, they wanted it delivered right then.

"Whoah!" I said, laughing, "I am in the middle of putting all the orders I have in sacks to be delivered. It's gonna take me a few hours. Can I deliver it tomorrow?"

LOL...These people REALLY want their Avon! I am only one person with one body...and not enough money to hire a delivery service! LOL

Then, a customer who previously ordered called with another order, totaling over $60. That just made my day!

I now have two more boxes of books and flyers to label. I am contemplating "blanketing" neighborhoods if I find I have too many books to get me through the campaign.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Working it...

Today I spent the day travelling to different locations to distribute Avon Books in Texarkana. I went to Super 1, Sam's Club, Cash Savers and Wal-mart on Summerhill Road.

I talked to 88 people today.

Of those 88, I got:

65 "No I'm not interested."
5 "Yes, I'll call you!"
5 "Yes, you can call me! Here's my number!"
9 "No. I already have an Avon Lady"
2 "I haven't ordered in years" or "I've never ordered but..."
2 "I used to sell Avon. I'll take a book..."

In all I gave out 14 books, got 5 phone numbers and one lady said she wanted to go ahead and place an order.

Of course, when I found out the lady lives in a shelter in Little Rock, I was leary. Her order totalled over $100. I told her she could order online but she wanted to deal with me. She said she would come back and meet me at that store when It came in. She was a sweet lady, and I didn't want to be rude, so I took her order and told her I'd call her later with the total.

I have decided I am going to total her order and let her know that I cannot order unless she pays for it up front. Her order is too large for me to take a chance with.

When I Need Him Most

Sometimes I look for the memories of the times when God was there for me at the last moment, as my last resort, and when I didn't even think I needed Him and found out how much I did.

I look for those memories to remind me of how precious life is, and how short, and how quickly life can change.

I look for those memories because they tell a story of God's Grace and Mercy at times in my life when I am lost and, sometimes, when I don't even realize it.

Remembering reminds me that no matter how secure I am in my salvation, I always need God. I always need His Grace and Mercy. I need His intervention and protection and provision and hope.

And, I need to remember that when I am let down, or fall down, or pushed down, or tripped up, God is always there reaching out to pull me back up.

Thank you, Jesus, for never leaving or forsaking me, and for being my strength and presence of mind when I need You most.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Chicken and Avon

Today I woke up, bathed, then took my house-mate, Gary, to Wal-Mart so he could cash in his SSI, pay me his rent for the month, and buy a few groceries.

While he was inside the store, I was outside waiting, walking the parking lot with books and asking ladies if they needed an Avon Lady. I gave out 5 books by the time he came out of the store, but no phone numbers.

Every month, at the first of the month when Gary gets his check, it's tradition that we have fried chicken from the store. This month, today, he decided to splurge and go to Church's Chicken rather than buy Wal-mart chicken.

He even bought treats for the baby-dogs. (No wonder they love him so much...LOL)

He paid me my rent; then we came home and unloaded the groceries and ate. I got so full!

Lack of money has caused my stomach to shrink. I am not complaining. So, it didn't take as much to fill me up.

After we ate, I grabbed my small ice chest and went to the car. It was time to make the last two deliveries from last campaign.

I went to one customer, collected the money and gave her new books, then went to the last customer, but she was not at home. I figured she was still babysitting at where I saw her the other day when I was canvassing, but I couldn't remember what house she was at. So, I went to Texarkana, after stopping at the trailer park office to pay my lot rent and give the landlord a book.

Gary gave me some money to pick up a few more items while I was out for the house. So, I went to my bank at the Wal-mart in Texarkana to deposit what I had left of my money.

On the way into the store, I asked everyone I came into contact with if they needed an Avon lady.

One of the ladies I asked said, "I LOVE Avon! BUT, now I'm a truck driver so I haven't been able to order any." I smiled and showed her my website address on the back of the sales flyer I gave her.

"Do you have access to a computer?" I asked her. She said, "Yes, I do!"

I explained how she could go to the website and order online. She didn't need to be home to do that.

"Will it get delivered to my address?"

"Yes, ma'am! right to your doorstep!"

"And, you still get credit?"

"Yes, ma'am! As long as you use THAT link!"

She was happy.

Another lady saw me talking with her, and was waiting patiently, smiling. "Can I have a book, too?" She said.

"Sure! Would you like me to call you?" I took down her name and number. A lady at the door was watching. As I walked to the door, I smiled at her and said, "Do YOU need an Avon Lady, too?"

"Yes. Yes, I certainly do!" she said, reaching out for the book. I took her name and number, too, then headed in to the bank.

After I left there, I went to a neighborhood nearby, where I had a few customers who hadn't ordered in a while who I figured needed new books. I delivered those, then headed back to New Boston, where I did the same thing.

Finally, I went back by my last delivery's home. I caught her just as she was fixing to leave. She asked me to follow her to her work address where she babysits, where I saw her the other day. I did. She got the money and paid me. She even insisted on tipping me for my trouble. She informed me she would be staying there for awhile. I told her I would make a note in my ledger for both addresses.

Then, I came home to log my new phone numbers in my computer, and relax the rest of the day.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Working on Labor Day

Today I drove to Redwater, the next town over, and hung out for an hour at their grocery store, "Spring Market", distributing Avon books to whoever wanted one.

After an hour of that, I went to the Wal-Mart in Wake Village.

When all was said and done and I decided to go home, I had talked to a total of 54 people. Of those 54 people, I got:

8 "Yes, I need a book, but I will call you!"
15 "No, thank you. I already have an Avon Lady!"
4 "Yes, Please! I don't have an Avon Lady and I need one!"
24 "No, thank you."
3 "I've never bought Avon before. Can I have a book?" or "I haven't ordered in years. Maybe..."

I ended up giving out 15 Avon books. So, it wasn't a bad day!

Tonight I will put in my order for Campaign 19.

Tomorrow, I have to take the guys to the grocery store and get my rent money so I can pay the lot rent and my loan payment. I also have two deliveries I need to make.

Then, later I'll go talk to some more customers!

Have a blessed day! Mine was!