Thursday, December 28, 2017

Grandma's Funeral, Christmas, Cousins and Cow's Milk

I'm already looking forward to my next two days off from work. With all the stress and drama of Christmas and Grandma's Funeral, visiting with my son (who I haven't seen in a couple of years) and family I haven't seen in forever, I don't feel like I have rested.

I took the day off yesterday to binge watch "Fear the Walking Dead" episodes, though.

I went to grandma's viewing and walked toward the casket, making my way through family I had to stop and hug along the way. I came across this good-looking guy in a maroon shirt and dark complexion and grabbed his hand (as I was in a hurry to get to the casket) and said, "Thank you for coming, it's nice to meet you" and kept going.

I met two distant cousins from the Bivens family at the casket. I remarked that grandma looked beautiful and that she looked even more healthy in that casket than she did the last time I saw her alive.

As I was making my way back out, the guy in the maroon shirt exclaimed with a smile, "You don't know who I am, do you?"

I stopped and looked at his face for a moment, and then realized who he was. I hadn't seen him in 25 or 30 years.

"OMG! TRAVIS MCRAE!" I hugged him. "I'm sorry! I DIDN'T recognize you!" He laughed at me.

He said, "Well, it's good to see you, too, even if you didn't know who I was."


I may not have recognized him, but I certainly remember him! We played many a game of frisbee together during the summers when I grew up in Redwater. We went swimming in a pond in the middle of February once, and he used to hunt and fish on our land during deer and squirrel season. Yes, I remember him well.


Sad that it has to be events like this that bring families closer together.

We left early. I'm sure I'll see them all today at the Funeral.

Then, I have to rest for work tonight.

After I got home, a neighbor knocked on my door and gave me a BIG gallon jar of FRESH cow's milk (just milked, with the cream on the top and all...) It was wonderful! Of course, she gave instructions that I should give her jar back when I am finished with the Milk. Wow...

I'm just not feeling it.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The War on Men: Count Me Out

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and 17 of their colleagues sent a letter to Acting Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Victoria Lipnic requesting information on the commission's efforts to address sexual harassment in the food and hospitality industries, which have high numbers of tipped workers, according to a recent press release by Senator Warren.

Seriously? As a food server in my paying job, I have worked the industry for nearly 30 years. I'd like to know her definition of rampant, and when does sexual harassment become sexual harassment that requires law enforcement?

If it is just a case of women who are offended because someone decided to flirt with them maybe those women shouldn't be working in public. It has been my experience, especially as a "tipped employee" of a nightclub (i.e. local tavern) that being able to handle sexual harassment is a requirement of the job. My tips depended on how classy I handled myself.

I mean seriously, if a man flirtatiously slaps my bottom, I'm not going to have him arrested or sue him. I'm going to ask him to please stop -- unless I like him, then I might ask him to do it again. If I find offense with his behavior and it doesn't stop, I will have the management remove him from the premises or I will refuse to wait on him. And if that's not enough... well, I'm from Texas we still don't call the cops--or need legislation-- to solve all our petty problems.

If women cannot handle men when they are just being men, then perhaps they are the ones who should get counseling.

Let's just call this what it is, war against men. I don't know about you but I want out of it. I have enough trouble trying to find a man who's willing to be man enough to do what he's supposed to do in a relationship. I don't need women like Elizabeth Warren ruining what little chance I have of ever finding one.

The problem with men today is that they have been de-emasculated to the point of being afraid of their own shadows. Maybe she should look into that as she is hunting down a solution to the rampant rise of opioid, and other, addictions. When men see a problem they can't fix, they turn to a means of escape -- be it other women, alcohol, their work, or other addictions. I can't think of a greater "problem" than living with a contentious woman who wants to exert her unfeminine desire to be "man of the house" non-stop.

Oh, I'm sure I'm going to get blasted by this by other women who tell me how "weak" I sound, when in truth, they have no idea how strong a woman has to be to let a man be a man. But, if they were any kind of real woman at all, they would be able to influence men to respect them and show them the honor they deserve without trying to force them through legislation and threats that ruin their life, like calling the police because a man slaps them on the behind.

A man who rapes a woman and abuses her physically is not a man, and those are the things that need to be regulated. But, c'mon, what man hasn't gone into a bar or a night club expecting to go home with the barmaid at some point in his life? Or, at least wanting to?

Democrats in Congress are walking a very thin line in addressing the "rampant" sexual misconduct permeating their offices. To expect sexual favors for promotion is way different than putting up with a slap on the behind and being told "You sure are a purty thang!"

Elizabeth Warren, if you feel uncomfortable with that, perhaps you should check your own femininity.

Earl's Gotta Die

My ex-roommate/employee/adopted sister/live-in maid got involved in a guy who was out on the streets. Being the co-dependent that she is, she thinks she "needs someone to love her" and that she can't live without a man, and she doesn't want to live to be old alone. Hitting her mid-forties, her situation has worsened because of this train of thought -- among other things.

Me, I'm happy being single and independent. My last five-year abusive relationship was enough. I don't hate men, by any means. I celebrate a man who is truly masculine enough to fit the bill. But, I just haven't been able to find one for myself -- and, honestly, I stopped looking. To tell the truth, the thought of even being in another relationship makes me want to run and hide.

I like the fact that there is peace in my home. I come home to a quiet apartment, where I can eat what I want, watch what I want, spend as much time on the computer as I want, and, when I get paid, I spend my money the way I want. I actually HAVE money to spend now.

Best of all, there is no drama.

I hate drama.

The last time my friend, Liz, stayed with me, she had all of her stuff in my living room. I had to climb over stuff to get to my freezer. She doesn't work, so she eats what I buy without replacing it. She smokes too much. And, I can buy a pack of razors or some other feminine requirement and only get to use one or two before they are all gone. I was aggravated, and gave her a time limit to get help for herself and be gone.

She moved in with her boyfriend from the streets, into a motel room.

Apparently they ran out of money to pay the motel room with not even a week later. And, his drug problem got the better of them.

I came home from work one morning, at around 6 a.m.. I had just settled in on my computer when she called me crying because he was schitzed out and telling her not to look out the windows and putting blankets over the a/c because he was afraid the cops were coming in the motel room...she was afraid of him. I told her I wasn't going to come get her, she'd have to come here on her own I didn't need that drama. I had just got rid of her drama. (SIGH!).

She came over and said her boyfriend had her dog, and wouldn't let her get her stuff or her dog, so I told her to call the cops. He messaged her and said if the cops came, they'd find drugs in her clothes and she was going to jail, and that HE had already called the cops on her. I told her we were going to go get her stuff, to call the cops and tell them what he said because he was full of crap if he was that paranoid, he certainly didn't call no cops. I told her to tell them "All you want is to get your dog and your stuff and get out."

He then rang my telephone. I answered. He said, "Tell Liz she can come back."

I went off on him, already aggravated at the drama that wouldn't leave me alone. "How about I come with Liz and she get her dog and her stuff and come back here to stay?"

He said, "FINE!"

I hung up on him and grabbed my purse and we headed out the door. We got there and he was walking off the property. He said the door was open.

When we tried the door to the motel room, it was locked. Now I'm REALLY angry.

I told Liz to call the cops. I took off after him while Liz was talking on the phone.

They were refusing to send a cop to help her (they've had dealing with her drama before) and when Liz gave me the phone, I told that lady they better get a d*** (yes, at this point I'm REALLY angry and cussing) cop out there because I was going to chase his a** down and run him over. He was going to die.

Liz got off the phone.

Liz went from being scared of him to being scared of me. She was BEGGING me to stop the car. I couldn't find him. He'd disappeared.

It's a good thing. I don't need a cop to do my dirty work for me. Looking back, it scares me because I was actually going to run him over and then search him for the motel key.

I had tunnel vision at that point. I kept thinking about my ex and how this was no different, and how all exes like that need to die.

I couldn't find him. So, I turned the car around and went back to the motel.

We got the maintenance man to let us in. She grabbed her dog and some clothes, forgetting to get her prescriptions. Then the cops drove up. One of them who apparently new her asked her, "Liz, are you coming back after this?"

I didn't let her answer. I blurted out loudly, "If she does, she won't have me to run to for help next time." I had almost just went to jail for murder. I am not looking for a second opportunity.

Both cops laughed.

If they only knew.

All I know is that "Earl" was very smart to disappear, because I was REALLY going to kill him.

God forgive me. Now I have to forgive myself.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

New Project on The Internet

I recently opened a new web site at It's been hard getting it up and running good.

I've been working on my website non-stop since it opened on October 31. I've made sure I paid mind to the SEOs, the back links, made sure all the links were working. I have a google + account, Twitter account, Facebook accounts, Pinterest account, I'm on several messageboards...

I have two email lists.

I am listed on Google. I use Adsense, LinkXChange, Clickbank, Commission Junction for advertising,

I send out Shout-outs when relevant.

But, I need more visibility on the internet because the site just isn't growing as fast as the blog is for some reason. So, I went looking for some free "get listed" search engines this morning.

I received a call from a marketing specialist. She went down the list for me of things she could help me with. I told her I already had all that covered. Don't know what else I could do except get listed in more search engines. She was offering all her help with the check list and getting listed in more search engines for $59/month.

Whoah there horsey! My site(s) have only brought in $37.00 in 3 years of working all of them. $59/month is a bit steep for something that isn't guaranteed -- especially when I have done all the work in the checklist already except the getting listed part -- which will happen anyway over time.

I told her I will wait another year and see if it grows any more first. She said she'd check back with me in a month.



I've been trying to figure out how my Stuff Gazette site and God Inspires site are getting so many hits. I finally figured it out.

Remember a year or so ago when I was doing a lot of "get paid to click" sites? I earned a lot of advertising points with them that I'd forgotten about. LOL...some of the ads are still running.

Might need to look back into GPTRs again. They were time consuming, but worth it!

When will I ever find the time, though?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Why I love Donald Trump

I was not a Donald Trump fan. I didn't want to see him win the White House. As a Christian, I found him obnoxious and brazen. I didn't like his gambling business ventures, or the fact he was a rich man married to an ex-porno star The operative word here is "ex". Come on, we all have a past we are not proud of. If that were not so, WE would be running for President. Trump just had the courage to.

No, I didn't want to see Donald Trump elected at all.

But, he was.

And, because he was, I decided that I would do as I always do when a new president comes to office to represent my interests as an American. I was going to give him my full support, and watch him like a hawk -- and when he messed up, I was gonna grind him into the ground with everything I had -- web sites, op-eds, social media. I was gonna rip him to shreds when he messed up.

The people elected him because he wasn't a politician. I could get behind that. It was preferable to what we've had. But, with all his money, could he really pull off not being just another politician?

Then he did the unexpected: He started keeping his promises. He started hammering away at everything that we've lost over the last generation and replacing it with policies and practices that really do "Make America Great Again".

He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement. He socked it to the United Nations. He stood up and proclaimed that the NFL should fire anyone who disrespects America by kneeling during the National Anthem. He stood alone...and he kept standing until millions decided to stand with him. Again. He's making deals right and left that benefit the American people, and he's making the American People proud to be American again.

When he went on that long trip to Asia, not once did he apologize for being American, or for anything we have stood for. Not once did he concede any ground in order to move an agenda along. Instead, he focused on how he could gain the support of the world around us in order to be able to be what God made us to be: Americans.

​He doesn't give up. He doesn't give in. He keeps going like the Energizer Bunny. And, when he makes a mistake, he owns it -- like the time when he endorsed Luther Strange over Roy Moore. When Roy Moore won, he realized that the American people want more of who he really is, and he went full force into giving it to them, in spite of what kind of waves were forming.

Now he fully endorses Roy Moore, and the people love him even more for it.

Jobs are up. Stock Market is up. Unemployment is down. Business is good. Our allies feel better and respect us as a country more.

And, it's all because Donald Trump is not a politician.

No, he's one of us.

For the first time in American History...or, at least, in my lifetime, we have a President who is president because the People wanted someone they felt comfortable with; someone they wanted to feel was their "friend" in the White House. A man who was prone to make mistakes, but could lead us in spite of them by example, learning and growing as he did so.

That is why I love Donald Trump.

He's not just some untouchable politician. He's a man. A real red-blooded American man who loves America because America has made his American Dream come true, and he foresaw that it was increasingly becoming difficult for others to do the same, and the reasons why, and he was in the unique position to be able to do something about it. America is about opportunity -- and Donald Trump decided the time was right for him to take the opportunity to make America Great Again.

I did not support Donald Trump.

But, when he became president, he spoke the name of God in gratitude and heart-felt joy. He stood up for God by declaring that Christmas was going to be Merry because Christ was in the name. No more of this "Happy Holidays crap." We were going to wish people an un-apologetic Merry Christmas and mean it.

He has Bible studies in the White House.

No, he's not a perfect Christian, but it's obvious he is a member of Christ's Church. After all, if there were only perfect people who loved God, God would be lonely. God gave me grace in spite of my imperfections, so I now feel obligated to be graceful and accept that this obnoxious, brazen man who married a Porn star (who, by the way, has shown more grace in the White House than any First Lady I've seen in a long, long time) could lead us back to the blessings God promised to those who follow Him.

As if that wasn't enough, he befriended Israel, drew them close, and gave them the respect of recognition of Jerusalem as their capitol. And, being the man of action that he is, he didn't just say it -- he did it. Our embassy is now moving to Jerusalem.

If Donald Trump isn't genuine, then he's playing a spectacular role.

I can't think of anyone who, day after day, continues to meet the "Fake News" talking heads head on like a wild bull who sees red at every turn, without tiring.

I pray that he retains his strength and that his successes energize him more.

I did not support Donald Trump -- and now I regret that. But, like "The Donald", "The Ponder" knows when to admit she's wrong. She knows how to fix her mistakes and make it right -- and, she's thankful that she doesn't have to live with her mistake today.

Next election, I hope he runs again. I'll be the first in line to vote for him.

If I am alone in voting for him, I'll still vote for him. He is making America Great Again.

And, he's doing it in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He's making such mountains look like pebbles beneath his feet.

He's only a man -- one we can all relate to.

But...he's a BIG, BIG man.

He's MY President.

And, I fully support Donald Trump.

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