Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Adventures as an Uber Delivery Driver #2

Tonight, I was sent on a delivery to Chipotle Mexican Grill on Richmond Road to pick up an order. There was a LONG line of customers.

As is protocol for delivery drivers, I walked over to the delivery cabinet to see if my order was there. I had to use the restroom, so I passed by it to go use the restroom while I had the opportunity.

I take the opportunity every chance I get, because sometimes it is a WHILE before I can go again. I hate having to pee, and going into KFC or Church's Chicken. They ALWAYS have the restroom blocked up and a sign that says, "Restrooms CLOSED" due to COVID. I still don't understand why BK and McDs can open theirs and these still remain closed...ANYWAY...

When I came out of the restroom, I noted that the cabinet was empty, the line of customers was still long, and there were FOUR other delivery people ahead of me waiting for their order.

Time is money, but I got some help with my finances today, AND I still had a great day delivering so far, so I decided to be patient rather than release the order.

I texted the customer to explain the situation and assure them that as soon as their order was ready, I would be on my way.

I got a text back saying, "No worries! Thanks!"

I love THOSE kind of customers.

I waited a good 45 minutes before my order was finally ready. I delivered it to Townplace Suites at the Marriott on Cowhorn Creek Loop.

As soon as I got back to my car, I got another ping to go back to Chipotle from ANOTHER customer who was ALSO at the same Hotel.

I decided, "why not...surely they aren't as busy as they were earlier."

When I got there, there was one customer and one driver ahead of me in line. I still had to wait a good 15 minutes, and I still made sure to communicate with the customer about it. I got the same response as the previous customer. So I patiently waited.

When my order was handed to me, finally, the crew member at the restaurant gave me a cup with a lid. "Get something to drink on us" she said, "I'm sorry you had to wait!"

The other crew member beside her concurred. I thought it was a sweet gesture to make up for the time I've lost, but I turned it down, and told them I appreciated their offer, but had something to drink in my car. Thanks, anyway, for the offer!

It was nice to be recognized as a valuable part of their business!

And, the customers I delivered to tipped me well, in spite of the wait!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Adventures as an Uber Driver #1:

Tonight I was sent to Taco Bell on 7th Street to pick up an order to take to some apartment on Arkansas Boulevard, for just $4.00.

Most Uber drivers would have turned down the run since it was going to be so far to drive...not me. I take EVERYTHING I am offered. Never know what the tip is going to look like! -- I have done $80 worth base pay on deliveries this week so far, and made over $70 in tips. That's just 2 half days of work.

The customer ordered two of the new $5.00 boxes that haven't even started selling yet. (Why are they advertising it if they are not selling it?)

There is a long line at the window. It's after 9 PM and the inside is closed, so you have to go through drive-thru.

I get to the intercom and they greet me with "Would you like to try one of our Chalupa boxes?"

"No thank you. I am delivering for Uber and I have an order to pick up from here for (customer's name)."

"Ma'am, on that order, we don't have the boxes she asked for. We can give her the Chalupa boxes instead? We haven't even started selling that yet"

There is a long line, as I said, and I didn't want to hold anyone up. So I said, "Let me get out of line and call her and I'll be back with her answer."

I had already texted the customer to let them know the line was long so it would be a little bit before I was on the way with her food. Now I had to text her again. I did. She said it was okay. So I had to drive around the building to get back in line.

The lane is REAL narrow by the window, so I had to carefully maneuver my new car around the car that was sitting

there. I did. Successfully, but not without the passengers in the car at the window cussing me out while I was doing it. LOL Had I not been a Christian, I would have flipped them off as I was driving by them. Instead, I ignored them, smiling, and went and got back in line.

When I got back to the intercom, I said, "She said it would be okay to give her the Chalupa boxes." I was told to drive on to the second window, which I did. I got to the window and was told, "We don't have any Chalupas. Will you accept Gorditas instead?" I texted the customer right there and said, "They are giving you Gorditas because they don't have any Chalupas left. Is that okay?"

The customer said okay.

I asked the customer if she would like me to include hot sauce, then said, "I will just get you some to be sure".

The guy at the window pretty much THREW the bag at me. I asked for hot sauce. He said, there is some in the bag.

I texted the customer and told her I was on my way with the order.

When I got to the apartment, I sat the food down and her boyfriend opened the door. I told him, "Uber requires I take a photo of the bag for verification that the order is delivered" and I took a quick photo and said, "Now you can pick it up."

We giggled. Then I said, "Just so you know, that Taco Bell had the WORST customer service EVER!" He nodded.

An hour later, I got a ping on my Uber App telling me that the customer tipped me $10.

I'm just saying...Good communication goes a long way in this job!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, World!

About 2000 and some odd years ago, a baby was born on the other side of the world.

This child would grow up to change the world, then die a horrible death by those who despised what he was trying to teach the world.

But, they killed him too late.

Because he existed -- because he was born and placed in a lowly manger on a cold night in a dirty cave used as a barn as nothing special, a baby, just like you and me, he was able to touch the lives of the common people...who FAR outnumber those of privilege! And, at the same time, he gave hope to the privileged and softened even their hearts.

He showed the world how to give, even when you have nothing. He taught them to have faith, even when hope was lost. He loved the unlovable. He befriended the lowliest of society, and he didn't discriminate. He loved God, and He loved US; and He commanded that the world should follow him in doing so.

He was the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. And, He said that we would go on to perform even greater miracles than he did. He said we would suffer worse than he did. He said we would be blessed for enduring whatever came to us. And, He didn't lie.

I was a lonely child when I was young. I prayed one day, because my pastor told me in a sermon one Sunday that if I talked to Jesus, He would listen. I wondered if He would talk back. I remember telling Him how I was feeling. I remember telling Him how I was treated, and I remember telling Him how lonely I felt, even in a crowd.

I remember when I was through praying, suddenly, I felt a peace come over me. I heard the "still small voice" speak to me. He said two words that changed my life:

"I know."

Christmas can be a time of loneliness, or it can be a time of joy. No matter what you are feeling this Christmas, REJOICE!

For unto us this day, a child was born who would get up and walk out of the grave 33 years later!

Christmas isn't about celebrating His birth. It's about celebrating His LIFE!

And having the faith to understand that HE KNOWS.

And He loves us, anyway!

Looking Forward to 2021

What is 2021 going to be like for me?

I could write a whole slew of resolutions, but I know me. They'd all get thrown out the window after the first month.

So, I've decided that I just want 2021 to be better than 2020. That's all we really want when each new year starts, right?

The things that broke my heart in 2020, I'm going to work to avoid so my heart doesn't get broken again. I'm going to re-assess my attitudes that put me in situations that ended sourly. I know which doors are best left closed. I know which doors to only open when I hear a knock. I know which doors to leave locked. And, I know which doors to fling wide open and enter. And, I plan on doing all that!

I plan on having fun. We only live once. I won't wish I could have...or wish I would have...or be indecisive about any move I make. If there is an event I want to attend, I will do that. Why put off until tomorrow what may not be there then? Tomorrow, I may find out I have cancer and everything will change. So, I am going to live for today. I am going to LIVE.

Sure, COVID-19 has the world on lockdown...but I am NOT. I have sought out opportunities to keep me moving. I have adjusted to the way things are. I have adapted to new ideas and new ways of doing things. I won't let COVID-19 stop ME.

I am going to try out new restaurants. I am going to go to the homeless shelter and look for someone who wants to make a few bucks and have them clean my home. I am going to buy new clothes. I am going to sing Karaoke and go play some slots, go fishing, camp out, and travel. I am going to see my kids. I am going to take pictures and share my adventures. I am going to work to pay my bills and I am going to pay some OFF. Then, I'm going to celebrate!

Life is a gift. CELEBRATE it. EMBRACE it. And, above all, LOVE it and the people who are living it WITH you!

Monday, December 21, 2020

I Stepped Out in Faith, Check Out My New CAR!

God woke me up this morning about 8:30 AM after only about 5 hours of sleep, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Then a bill collector called, wanting to send me money, AND lower my interest rate on a loan I took out!

The blessings are coming!

I was able to sell 5 shares of my stock from gains on the stock market to buy 10 more shares of stock that are fixing to pay dividends, which will be reinvested.

More blessings!

Today on the agenda: Try to trade my car in. Then, go get my insurance adjusted for my new vehicle. Then, go to the DPS office to get my "vehicle-for-hire" permit. (Praying I am able to do all this!)

I paid my first payment toward my past due medical bills today -- the first in a long time. I am HAPPY to be able to do that!

I prayed that the blessings would keep coming in!

God has blessed me SO MUCH today!

I prayed all the way to Car Mart that God would lead me to the right car for me.

I got to Car Mart, with all my paperwork in tact. They sat down with me and got everything started, then sent me out to test drive the first car.

It was a black Ford, can't remember the year and model. Not important. I drove it.

You know how you have that gut feeling that something just isn't right? I didn't like how it changed gears. I went back and told them it just didn't feel right. It's not me.

So they took me to the second car. It was a beautiful Sentra. Real small, too. I'm sure it was economical, BUT...

When she tried to start it, it wouldn't. I asked her, "I'm not going to have alternator problems with this one am I?" LOL She assured me that they just left the key on because they start all the cars every day and this one just had the key left on. She went and got the charger.

When the guy who came out with the charger hooked it up, the horn started honking. Wouldn't stop. I said, "Ya'll don't SERIOUSLY think I am going to want this car at THIS point, do you?" LOL

So the last car she had in my price range, she took me to this one. OMG. My heart stopped beating just looking at it. I couldn't WAIT to drive it! This was the ONE!

I then signed all the paperwork and went to get my insurance.

I prayed that they wouldn't ask me to pay anything more than what I had left in my checking account. Not much at all. I ended up walking out of the insurance office with my paperwork for the Car Mart, only having to switch everything over. Yes, it is going to go up on my next payment, but not by much, and I didn't even have to pay anything today! I am covered!

I had to include 6 references in my paperwork. I have never felt more blessed. All of the references that were called (that I know of) asked the Car Mart Rep, "Why are you still talking to me? If I were YOU, I'd get off this phone right now and go sell that girl a car!" I had GLOWING references.

When I got back, I signed some more paperwork, and after being there since noon, it was nearly 5:00 PM., I drove it off the lot to go show it to mom and Benny!

Then I went to the Pitt Grill to show it off to my landlord, who just happened to be one of my references that they called, and to the other ex-coworkers at the Pitt.

Then I came home. I told the guys, "YES! I have HEAT, AIR, RADIO...and LOOK at all this ROOM! I may NEVER come home from work now!

I feel SOOOO BLESSED! car payments are twice what I wanted to pay for it. So now, I have to afford it.

Now I gotta upload the paperwork into my quckbooks...It's a good deduction! The amount of the deduction is exactly equal to the amount I've made since I left the Pitt Grill.

This morning I prayed that the blessings would keep flowing -- and BOY DID THEY!


Saturday, December 19, 2020

Joyful Day

It's been a semi-busy day today. I learned something:

I need to get my notebook and start writing down all my trips (addresses and mileage) as I go. The apps don't give enough information (although, they do provide the exact mileage) but in order to get the deduction on my taxes, I need to put the information in my quickbooks. My phone isn't picking up trips like it is supposed to. So, that will be part of my daily routine now when I get back home -- to manually put the trips into the computer.

My last order was interesting:

I delivered from Popeyes. When I got there, the order wasn't ready, and they were cleaning, getting ready to close or go home, doing side-work. I was patient as they prepared my order.

Then, the lady said, "We don't have raspberry pies for the order?"

I asked her if she could substitute the pies. She said she had cinnamin apple. So I called the customer.

As I was talking to the customer about the dilemma, she said, "Oh, btw, we'll have to cook the pies, it will take six more minutes." I asked the customer if that was okay. He said sure, if I didn't mind. I told him no problem (we were slow and it was my last order anyway). I waited out in the truck, intending to go back in in a few moments. The lady brought the order to me.

I messaged the customer and told him I was on my way.

When I got to the address, I took a picture. Then I messaged the customer to tell him I was there. As I was leaving, he called me and explained to me that I was at the wrong house, that it was not my fault, that the address was wrong in the computer.

I said, "Well how am I supposed to get it to you if the address is wrong? LOL"

His girlfriend walked over to the house (they were behind it) and got the order.

Seriously, people, please put the right address in the app! Thank you!

Oh, I did get a $10 tip for my patience!

Today is the last day I get to use my mom's truck, I will be returning it to her tomorrow. Then on Monday, I will be going back to the Car Mart with my car to see about trading it in, and I may have a new vehicle to drive after that!

A bill collector called me this morning and woke me up. For the first time in what seems like forever, I was actually looking forward to the call.

I was able to pay all my tithes this morning. That, too was a relief! The longer I hold onto money, the greater chance I have of spending it. I guess God knew that! He told me right where He wanted it. It's all in His hands now.

I am looking forward to seeing where my next tithe is going to go and how much I'll save to give before He tells me where to send it.

It's really funny. I had no idea how much I made this last month. The Car Mart people made a copy of my bank transactions and highlighted all of my earnings and added it up. They told me how much I had made, and it was exactly 10 times the amount in my tithe account. It's working out well! And, I feel HONORED to be able to give again!

I guess this is what the Bible means about "joyful giving".

I am looking forward to EVERYTHING now. 2021 is going to be a GREAT year for me, financially!

Rising to the Top

Good Friday Evening, World!

I just got home. It was a good day out for delivery, although it still could have been busier and I would have been happier.

I shopped around for a car earlier today, and I think I may have one to drive on Monday...I hope.

This will open up better opportunities for me to make money in the gig economy. I will be able to do rideshare, and even if I don't, it will be a whole lot more comfortable with heat, air, and radio in my car. I'll be able to stay out working longer.

My estimated taxes have lowered by about $200, since I started recording mileage. Quickbooks is a lifesaver!

In October, I said that my 52nd year would be a year of transformation for me.

I dyed my hair. I changed employment status from working a minimum wage job as a cook employed by a local diner, to being self-employed, making at LEAST twice as much doing deliveries and, hopefully, rideshare soon.

I am fixing to get a new car. And, my health insurance isn't out of the running until December 31st, so I have until then to pay the first payment to start it. (I'll have INSURANCE again!).

Today I made platinum status with UBEReats. So if I need to, now I am afforded up to four roadside assistance incidents for FREE should I need it, as well as a whole bunch of other discounts and opportunities!

My life is already getting better. I feel more FREE and INDEPENDENT -- less dependent on having to ask for help when I am short on money and have an emergency.

My E-trade account has doubled in investments and value since October.

I have a few more bills, but they are worth having for what it's giving me!

I'm moving on up in the world, and I sure wish I could take all of ya'll with me!

No more climbing. I am RIGHT where I want to be career-wise. Now, all I have to do is strive to be BETTER.

Have a blessed night!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Wild Night with Ubereats, WAITr and Postmates

Good Wednesday night (or is it Thursday morning yet?) World!

Today started out kind of REAL slow. I almost got frustrated.

Yeah, me...frustrated.

BUT, come about 4:30, WAITr went wild! Had me running til about 10:30, and as soon as their orders stopped coming in, UBER went WILD...I ran til about midnight.

I wanted to keep running, too...but my power bank for my phone was out of juice, and my gas tank was close to I figured I'd call it a night.

Didn't do too bad. Made about $80. (Counting my 2 Postmates orders I did) Pretty good for a slow Tuesday.

Sure wish it was warmer outside though.

I only do deliveries; however, when I get a new car, I might think about doing rideshare.

I take Jesus everywhere I go, though. I never have a profitable day without Him!

Ya'll have a blessed night!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Nasty Day Turned Out Okay...

Good Tuesday Evening, World!

I ended up staying home due to the weather being nastier than was anticipated. Not entirely true...I did go out today and TRY, but after one delivery it became obvious the weather wasn't getting any better, so I came home.

I'll try again tomorrow.

But, the day was not wasted.

I updated my Quickbooks (work) and then I thought about all the time I sit waiting for a delivery and decided to sign up for more delivery opportunities.

I am now, officially, not only a WAITr, UBEReats, and Postmates driver, but also a Point Pickup and a Roadie driver. And, I'm waiting on my application to process through SPARK delivery as well. We'll see how they work out.

AND, I am waiting on Grubhub, Doordash, and Instacart to notify me when they need more drivers.

Have a blessed night!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Ending My Relationship with AVON

I will be ending any and all affiliation I have with Avon.

It isn't that I have a hatred for homosexuals. I have homosexual friends. I love everyone equally.

HOWEVER, as God Himself has put it, "Love the sinner, not the sin". To love someone in spite of their sin is one thing. To love someone's sin is quite another.

We all have sinned. None of us are perfect. None of us are any better than anyone else in that regard.

I have sinned. I have committed fornication and adultery on numerous occasions in my past. I have been divorced twice. I have had two different children from two different men, neither of whom became my husband at any point. I have had domestic partnerships that didn't last. So, I am as bad as any other person who has ever sinned.

BUT, I have repented. I am working to turn AWAY from my sin, not to embrace it or have pride in it. I still stumble and fall at times, but I, in NO WAY, condone or urge anyone else to follow me into that sin.

And, Avon has embraced the homosexual pride platform, after - not too long ago - embracing the majesty of a satanic display on it's cover. The first time, I forgave it. This time, I cannot, because Avon has not learned its lesson. So, it is up to people who believe as I do to teach that lesson, and to turn our backs on the monstrosity of it.

I will also be selling my AVON stocks. I want NOTHING from AVON in the future.

I will be giving away all of the products I have on-hand for Christmas. It should bring joy to someone who needs it. After that, I am done. The year 2021, I will be AVON FREE completely.

Becoming the Taxman

Hello, World!

I am planning on updating more on this blog, rather than on Facebook.

I have been really busy lately! So busy, I haven't had time to surf the internet much. I am now self-employed as a delivery driver for Uber, WAITr, and Lyft.

This past week was the first full week that I worked, and I clocked nearly 30 hours. I brought home almost $500. That is more than twice the amount I was making as a cook working a 40 hour week at The Pitt Grill.

I've been putting money back into my e-trade account in order to pay my taxes. Yesterday, I downloaded Quickbooks. I spent the whole day configuring it and labeling my transactions. I linked it to all of my bank accounts, and prepared it to record my mileage for tax-deductions.

It was a lot of work, but a WHOLE lot easier than I thought it was going to be! If you are self-employed, Quickbooks is the way to go!

I owe Big Brother over $600 for the quarter. That's a lot less than I thought it would be! (Which means, I get to keep most of the money I have invested in stocks at E-trade!

Well, it's the start of a new week, and I only take off work when it rains. I know, I know, I'd make more money if I worked in the rain; but, right now, my car is not in shape to be driving in the cold rain. I have no de-fog, heat or air in my car. I am bundling up just to sit in my car all day and drive!

I see a new car in my future, though!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

I Will Fear No More

I had night terrors until I was eight years old. I credit the fact that I got saved for them ending. When I got saved, something happened in my dreams. Instead of running from the monsters, I suddenly had the willpower to face them IN MY DREAMS...and they just .... disappeared.

Now, when I am afraid, IN REAL LIFE, I face my fears the same way.

It has made my life a whole lot more productive, and climbing the mountains of my life a whole lot easier.

It has also helped me to identify "triggers" that cause me to relapse into old, unproductive and destructive, ways. When I reach a "trigger point" now, I take into consideration the consequences of further action should I continue down the path I am on. I then decide whether it is a fear to be conquered, or a trap to avoid. and find a way to detour the "pothole" on my journey.

When I encounter "potholes" my life changes, though. Things I find important, in that moment, I am forced to put aside and devalue in order to maintain my strength for the journey I need to continue on.

Potholes could be anything: a decision that could lead to a rough future, a potential for obsession over something (or someone) not worth the heartache, a potential relationship that is destructive, a potential change in job status, or other potential situations that could cause delay in where God wants me to be in my life.

My life is better for the night terrors I used to have. Today, I have no terror. I am fearless. I am brave. And, even though I may seem crass and uncouthe -- even arrogant -- because of it at times, my outlook on my future is brighter for it!