Tuesday, January 23, 2018

No. I won't watch them.

Last night, a young gentleman eating at the diner I work at asked me, "Do you watch football?" I said, "No, I don't." Then I added, "And, if I ever did, I'd refuse to now."

Looking surprised he asked, "WHY?"

I said, "Those guys make millions of dollars playing football, when there are homeless vets in our country who have lost all but their lives defending America and her flag, and yet they want to take a knee. They insult me and every American who loves this country. So, no. I won't watch them."

He left me a $7 tip for a $15 meal.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Road Trip

I took a REALLY long trip in my car (with no heat, no air and no defogger) with my oldest son to Nocona, TX to see my baby boy. It was an adventure.

What can be harder than driving up 82 all the way to Nocona, right? Just a straight shot. Well, leave that to me to mess that up.

When I got to Paris, I noticed that the Paris High School was set off in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. I commented on it. I made no turns, just kept driving. About 35 minutes later, I noted out loud, again, "Hey, there is the Paris High School. It's in the middle of nowhere." DEJA VU! I said, "BRYANT! Didn't I see this about half an hour ago?" He sat up in his seat. I said, "BRYANT, WHY AM I SEEING THIS AGAIN?""

He said, "I don't know, mom. Where did you make a wrong turn."

I said, feeling REAL disconcerted, "I didn't."

We were on the loop that circles Paris. When we found HWY 82 West and got back on the right track again (after a wasted 40 minutes and an 8th of a tank of gas), we started laughing hysterically. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I almost had to pull the car over.

Now THAT was an adventure!

When I made it to Nocona, I found my son and we visited, talked, I made sure he was okay, and started looking in his cupboards to see what he was eating...(I'm a mom who wants to make sure her kid has groceries). Being the young bachelor he is, there was nothing but bread, chicken noodle soups and weiners in the fridge, sandwich stuff, a few small quick fixes...

I said, "All you have is..." and I named them. Bryant said, "Yeah, mom, looks just like your stash." LOL

Laughing again...I felt silly.

We went and got pizza, then went back to his place, visited, and then I gave him a hug with stern instructions to call me if he needs anything.

"Mom, you know I don't use the phone."


Then, it was a long, cold, uneventful trip back.

I am glad to be home, and VERY HAPPY I got to see my baby boy!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Piece of Clay

God saved me at a young age because He knew it would take Him this long to teach me all He wanted me to learn.

He knew how stubborn I am, and He knew where I got it from...and that I was a piece of clay that was going to take a LOT of patience to mold.

He's still working on me...but man I love what I see when I look in the mirror today!

Isaiah 64:8
But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Plans and Hopes...

The restaurant where I work is going to be having a remodel holiday. This means that I work tonight, then I am off for 2 days, then I work for 3 days, then on Sunday I am going to go see my baby boy. I will not have to be back at work until Friday, if everything goes as planned.

My oldest son will be going with me. So, I will get to see both of my boys together for the first time in a while. Of course it will only be for a few hours, because I will be coming back home to get ready to go see an old friend of mine I haven't seen since my youngest son was a baby.

I had planned to go see another friend of mine that I haven't seen since I was in 3rd grade, unfortunately I don't think that's going to work out.

It will just have to wait until the next I have a few days to spare.


Today I got my W-2 for my current job. I just need my W2 for my previous job so I can do my taxes for the year. This year is going to be great, because I will have my student loan paid off, and we'll get the keep some of my refund. It will be the first time I get money back in over 10 years.

They say that as you get older, life gets easier. I'm not sure if it gets easier, or if I've just learned to live it better. I do know that I am happier and more content. I haven't stopped Dreaming or hoping (it would still be nice to win the lottery -- but then I can't win if I don't play, and I just can't seem to bring myself to spend the money on a ticket that has a one-in-a-billion chance of winning), I've just learned that the Lord blesses who He will bless when He thinks the time is right. In the meantime I've learned what it means to wait upon the Lord.

I can't wait to lay eyes on my baby boy again.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


I originally wrote this in 2015, 3 years ago today on Facebook. Sometimes I can say some pretty profound things. This time is no different. What stood at that moment still stands today.


Life is a journey. The person you spend the most time getting to know is yourself. Your comfort zones are what determines the limitations you put upon yourself. And, I have determined to stretch beyond my comfort zones as often as I can, with-in reason, in order to find the limitations God has put on me. So far, I have found that the limitations I put on myself are far inferior to the ones that God has put on me. This makes me even more daring and fearless.

It also makes me realize how much of myself I do not know, and how much of myself I've forgotten I was. It drives me to seek answers that I thought I had already found, and makes me wonder if I will ever find the me that is somewhere inside.

I think, after deep thought on this, that the closest I have come to being me is when I determine and practice contentment in who I am at this moment.

It is probably all I will ever really, truly, know -- whether I understand it or not.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Insomnia and Black Eyed Peas

I am suffering from acute insomnia. I had 2 hours of sleep in two days before this morning. When I came home from work this morning, I took two of those otc sleeping pills, equate brand, and I only slept for 5 1/2 hours. At least I got SOME sleep. LOL

It's all the stress of the past two weeks, I guess.

So, if it doesn't seem like I'm here much, it's because I am bushed and resting...(or, at least, trying to LOL).

I am off for the next two days. Except for a trip I have to make to the bank at Walmart to cash my check, I plan on doing nothing for the next two days, except maybe work on my web site.

I went to the Bank, then did some shopping for groceries (which I NEVER do...but I had some extra $ and decided to stock up to keep from spending money on fast foods...) Then I came home and started working on my web site.

After an hour or so, I got sleepy and laid down and slept for another 3 hours. I must have had some fever, because I woke up sweating. So, I took some Dayquill (I was coughing some too...) and went back to work on my web site.

I feel much better now, but I am worried I won't be sleeping at my regular time again because of my nap. LOL.

I missed eating black-eyed peas for New Years, so I started a crock pot before I took my nap. They are done now, so I made some jalapeno cornbread to go with it. Not my best cornbread, but still tastes good.

Going back to work now...got lots of things to do on line.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Hello, World.

Happy New Year! (Personally, I'm glad 2017 is over).

They say that whatever you are doing when the New Year rolls in is what you will be doing all year long. If that is true, I'm not sure if I will be making money, or if I'll just be working. LOL

I guess either way is a blessing.

My manager said she could probably give me the night off if I wanted it on New Year's Eve, but I told her, "Nah. I can't think of anything more appropriate to do on New Years than serve someone else."

It's the first time in a oouple of years I didn't go spend it with my church family -- and, under the circumstances, I probably should have. With all that's been going on as of late, I really could have used some Jesus-loving people around me. But, I am content knowing that no matter where I am, Jesus is with me.

Resolutions? To invest. This year I am going to do some investing. Not sure how, but I plan to do it.

Well, ya'll have a blessed and Happy New Year! I beiieve it's time to get this party STARTED!