Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Speak, Lord, For Your Servant is Listening

One of the things I have noticed in my life and my walk with God, is that God tends to open doors when something is about to happen. It is His way of ushering in new events, eras, and turning around things that have happened in our lives.

He also has the power to shut doors and block paths, which He has done a few times in my life as well.

That is why I cannot help, at this point, but to wonder what is fixing to happen in my life now?

I found myself, on the drive home from picking up the food boxes at Flower Acres this morning, asking God, "Okay, what is fixing to happen? What is it that You are wanting me to do, or see, or accomplish while I am out there on the road this next month? You have just made it possible for me to leave the guys and not feel as if I am abandoning them by presenting the Trax opportunity for them. You have made us more independent of each others needs now. There has to be a reason."

I have learned to always look at opportunities as messages from God. Now, I am seeing it as a command to move forward for some reason that I have yet to ascertain!

I guess, the real question is, Lord, what is it that You are wanting from me? I, your servant, I'm listening!

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Dogs, Drama and Fishing -- The Week of June 27-July 3, 2021

This week started out on June 27, Sunday, with a chihuaha trying to bite me as I was delivering Walmart groceries. No biggy. I was wearing loose clothing, so he didn't get the skin; but, it was still annoying.

I found out that a family member was in the hospital needing urgent prayers. The prayers worked, by the way. He is now home.

On Monday, my son was supposed to leave town but his ride didn't pan out. More drama at my home. And, I got a $20 tip.

On Tuesday, another dog tried to attack me as I was making a WAITr delivery. This time I REALLY got annoyed.

I wrote on my Facebook timeline:

"Dog just attacked me and tried to bite me. On Lake Drive. Third time in two weeks.

I'm going to say it one more time please keep your damn dogs chained up if you want me to deliver anything!

This is starting to get out of hand. And if it was any worse than it was I would have called the cops if for being annoyed!"

I took my son to see my dad. My dad gave him a guitar off his wall because he asked my dad to give him a guitar to carry with him on his travels. Dad didn't give him a good guitar, but he gave him one, and my son was proud of it. So much so that on Wednesday...

On Wednesday, my son and his girlfriend left. I had had enough of their drama and told them it was time for them to go. (There is a lot more to this, but I am not airing my dirty laundry on the internet). My son left behind his own guitar and a pair of skates, and a bag that liz had given them was found on my porch. The bag was empty.

Rules in my household:
  • No drunks.
  • No drugs.
  • No drama.
  • Everybody pitches in somehow to make it work. Everybody fends for themselves.
  • No one is a dependent.
  • I will protect what is mine furiously and with an iron fist.
  • I will be respected in my own home.
  • I do not bend the rules even for my own family -- ESPECIALLY for my own family.
  • I do not ask of anyone else what I am unwilling to do for myself.
  • And I refuse to enable bad behavior.
  • On Thursday, I took Fred to make some appointments and get his food stamp paperwork started. I have to take him to another appointment on the 7th.

    On my way to taking Fred to make an appointment for his healthcare financial help, I was trying to convince Fred not to be complacent when it comes to wearing his mask.

    He said, "I have a good immune system. My skin heals quick when it gets a cut."

    "Not the same thing. Besides, you are trying to tell me that after you just had a stroke, can't hardly get around, are nearly 60 years old and have been smoking for as long as you can remember that if a lung-eater virus gets ahold of you, your body can fight it off? This virus has already killed a member of my family. There are people who are 28 on oxygen with double pneumonia 2 days after being diagnosed in the hospital who are barely making it through and you are telling me you can fight this? I don't think you would come out of it alive if it got you.

    Plus, there is a new strain that is much MORE contagious and acts more aggressive than the original that is out now and you say you can fight it? I don't think so. I think you need to be careful, Fred!"

    He went and got a mask.

    I told him, "I am just thankful it was TRUMP who was in office when this crap broke out. We'd ALL still be wearing masks and waiting forever for a vaccine and the country would be imprisoned at home in a third world country by now if it had been Biden!"

    By Friday, I started making plans. I have the urge to just run away and travel. But, I am stuck here because of people who need me who aren't even my responsibility. I have decided not to let it stop me.

    When I woke up Friday morning, I remembered one time in English/Lit in school where the class had to watch a reel about this girl who was being home-schooled and how she was reading all of her books on a computer screen. It was a sci-fi story about the future.

    I remember thinking, "I doubt I'll see that in MY lifetime, though."

    Back then, the internet didn't even seem possible.

    Now, our kids are doing that on a daily basis. WE even do that.

    Also on Friday, I contacted the H&R Block office to find out why I have not received my Income Tax Refund. I was told that the IRS is being especially slow this year, and it could take up to 20 weeks. I told them I have not received it by September, I would call back.

    I purchased Fallout: Tactics video game for the PC...but I am not sure I like it.

    My refrigerator is going out. I need a new one.

    Today I am loading my car to get ready to travel.

    I am also going to go fishing today.

    I will not be doing any spark deliveries or Uber/Lyft ridesharing for about 2 months.

    I'll be taking a 10 hour trip. Which mean it may take me 5 days to get there (working my way up so I don't miss bills....LOL) I'll get to work in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. It is going to be fun!

    On the way back I'll work in Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

    By the time I get to Shreveport, I'll probably be running straight home. LOL

    I'll be working Uber Eats, Door Dash and Waitr.

    I have to be back here by August 2.

    Might stop briefly to visit with my cousin and my Uncle on the way.

    I will come back home to rest some by August 2, (Fred has a doctor's appointment and I am their only means of transportation at this point).

    Then I plan to go to Oregon.

    To my family and friends that I will be visiting: My finances are tight, so I apologize that I will not be able to take you to dinner, but am looking forward to the short visit!

    I am loading my car with baby bed mattress, pillows, blankets and sheets, Fishing gear, tent, suitcase with a weeks worth of clothes and towels and toiletries, my computer and a small igloo ice chest for tea. And, of course, everything I carry with me every day. If I didn't HAVE to come home, I might not.

    My dogs will be well cared for. And all my bills can be paid online. Except my lot rent. I'll be back before that is due.

    I went fishing and broke my rod and reel. I climbed up the hill and made the trail back to my car to get my cane pole, but I couldn't get the line out far enough to reach the fish, so I gave up. After nearly three hours, I climbed the bank and went back home -- hot and worn out. I stopped by my mom's and left my rod and reel so that maybe my step-dad could fix it for me.

    I am resting the rest of the day.