Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Speak, Lord, For Your Servant is Listening

One of the things I have noticed in my life and my walk with God, is that God tends to open doors when something is about to happen. It is His way of ushering in new events, eras, and turning around things that have happened in our lives.

He also has the power to shut doors and block paths, which He has done a few times in my life as well.

That is why I cannot help, at this point, but to wonder what is fixing to happen in my life now?

I found myself, on the drive home from picking up the food boxes at Flower Acres this morning, asking God, "Okay, what is fixing to happen? What is it that You are wanting me to do, or see, or accomplish while I am out there on the road this next month? You have just made it possible for me to leave the guys and not feel as if I am abandoning them by presenting the Trax opportunity for them. You have made us more independent of each others needs now. There has to be a reason."

I have learned to always look at opportunities as messages from God. Now, I am seeing it as a command to move forward for some reason that I have yet to ascertain!

I guess, the real question is, Lord, what is it that You are wanting from me? I, your servant, I'm listening!

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