Thursday, October 13, 2022

Top 10 Things I Learned During My 53rd Year of Life

Every year, near my birthday, during the month of October, I reflect on my life for the past year. I make a list of the 10 things that I learned that year that have directed my life.

So, here goes:

10. Faith is more than saying "I believe". Faith requires letting go in order to let God. Faith requires getting out of your comfort zone, closing your eyes and saying, "What will be will be" after praying for what you want. Then, watching God give you what you need JUST IN TIME.

9. The "Abundant Life" isn't having and enjoying all you want out of life. The "Abundant Life" is enjoying and being grateful for all you have in this moment. It is a feeling of fulfillment, with the contentment that if you never go anywhere else with your life than where you are right now, it is enough, and anything more is worth sharing, while looking forward to the journey ahead at the same time.

8. Once you have your own business and are your own boss, you will never be happy being an employee for someone else again. You even run from the thought of it.

7. Just because things get hard does not mean God is telling you to do something else. It could mean that He is asking you to trust Him more. It could mean that Satan doesn't like what you are doing and keeps trying to trip you up. It's your job to keep moving forward until all the doors are closed.

6. Never give up unti there are NO MORE OPTIONS. If it is God's Will, then He'll open a window when a door closes. There is ALWAYS a way to get where you need to go.

5. When someone is in need of help and it doesn't cost you anything to do it, then you should do it. Especially when they have proven that they can succeed with the little bit of help they've asked for, and have a history of being responsible and it is within your power to keep them from losing everything they have worked hard and given so much to build.

4. When God gives you more than you need, it is because He wants you to give what you don't to those who do. There is nothing more joyful than giving, especially when it doesn't cost you anything but effort.

3. When Jesus said, "Go and tell the world the good news", He didn't mean you had to go to Africa. There are people in your own neighborhood who don't know Jesus. God expects you to be His hands and feet RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

2. A "personal relationship" with Jesus Christ does not mean praying twice a day and trying not to sin. It means being in constant communication with Him, asking His opinion of every move you make, and thanking Him for everything, every minute. It means being available at any time for Him to use, and expecting that He will be there when you need Him.

1. And, finally: Never lose sight of what you are working toward. Paul said it best, "Keep your eye on the prize". Run the race of life with endurance, patience and determination, and be happy with what God blesses you with, even if it isn't what you expected. Sometimes what you don't expect is better than what you could have hoped for yourself.

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