Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus

Good morning, World!

I threw the roast my friend bought me into the crock pot last night so I could have it ready before I go to work today.

Breakfast of Roast and potatoes and carrots. WooHOO!

I am up and ready to go to work. I don't have to do anything but work today, so I should make more money than yesterday.

My first delivery was to a friend of mine yesterday that I used to work with. She's been having a hard time and she has kids. So, when I brought her her groceries from the Spark/Walmart delivery, she thanked me a LOT.

Come to find out, she had thought that I bought her the groceries and brought it to her. Now, we are trying to figure out who actually bought the groceries I delivered. It was hilarious when I finally told her I didn't buy the groceries. I just did my job and delivered them.

All I can say is, Maybe Jesus WAS working through me? LOL (Literally).

We are both curious.

I had just prayed that Jesus would use me to bless others. I had been eating at Golden Corral and I said:

Thank you, Jesus, for this meal. I know that not everybody gets to eat as well as you feed me. I don't know why that is. But I do know that I am blessed, and I am grateful. I pray that you continue to bless me, and that you bless everyone around me, and that you let me be a blessing to others, also! In Jesus name I pray, amen.

I didn't know He would actually give me the groceries to do it with! LOL

I should have. I am constantly telling people, "Don't thank me, thank Jesus! He provided it for me to give to you!" Guess I didn't think He'd be so dramatic about it. LOL

Well, time to get this day started!

Have a blessed day!

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