Thursday, October 6, 2022

(Im)Patiently Waiting

Good morning, World!

I'm going to Domino today to get some produce before I go to work from the food distribution place. I need it.

I am waiting for my money to settle in my brokerage account still. I was told it would be there on the 7th. When it does, I will have net assets of $1193 to play with. Sort of. I have to pull some of that money out (about $300) to pay my next few bills before payday.

I am still (im)patiently waiting for my permanent tags to come in. Then, I'll be (im)patiently waiting for Uber to approve it.

I'll still be able to drive while they do their thing with the Ford Focus, because I still have the PT Cruiser listed as well on the app..until it is approved. It usually takes a few days. Unless they renew my background again.

Well, guess I better get this show on the road.

Have a blessed day! (I know mine is going to be!)

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