Friday, October 7, 2022

Investments, Golden Corral, Abundant Living

Good morning, World!

I have to go to the bank and deposit some money from E-trade to pay bills until payday next week.

I will then have $926 invested.

Of that $926, I have made $17 today that will be invested as soon as it settles in my account tomorrow. That is one bill I don't have to worry about this month, if I chose to keep the money.

I'll re-invest it so it can grow until that bill is due.

That is also $17 I don't have to make today. LOL And, the day isn't over. The market is still open. There is a possibility I might make more.

I am fixing to leave and go eat before I go to work at Golden Corral. Why not? It's free! LOL I won a $50 gift card to Golden Corral yesterday for paying rent on time all year. Each month, my name is entered into a drawing, as long as it is paid on time. My name was drawn yesterday.

A friend reminded me, yesterday, that just a few days ago, I was worried about being able to pay rent at all. Now they are paying ME! LOL

I am blessed.

I will also be sending a friend who loaned me some money a few bucks toward re-paying that loan sometime today. Maybe tonight when I get home. She told me not to worry about it right now, but I promised her SOMETHING every week until it is paid off.

I am so blessed. Every day I am blessed. And, I am getting back to waking up each day wondering how God is going to bless me more today.

THAT is living Abundantly. It isn't that you have. It is how you get. It is how grateful you are to have it. It is wondering how much you can give back, and trying to.

I am still prepping the Chicken. It is hard to pull it apart in the box, because it is so frozen solid. And, it isn't thawing quickly at all. LOL I don't want it to thaw completely, I just want to be able to pull it apart and bag it for storage in my freezer. So, I am checking on it constantly. I have about 3 bags in the freezer now.

Tomorrow, I will be delivering to a few friends in need. I won't work because it is the Sabbath, except to do what I need to to get this food where it needs to go.

Jesus said, "What man, if he have an ox that falls into the ditch on the Sabbath, wouldn't work to pull him out?"

Some kinds of work are acceptable.

I am excited about waking up in the mornings again. I am still on the stressed and worried side, though, until I get my tags.

Have a blessed day!

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