Friday, November 25, 2022

Tags, Oil Change and Sparking

Good evening, World!

I left the house this morning and went and got an oil change. I was given a discount that cost less even though I was getting more for the money. I was blessed. God is Good!

But, I think He was buttering me up for a little while later when I found out that Uber was asking me for proof of registration for my car by December 1. Apparently, we are no more closer to getting my tags than we were a month ago. I was not happy. 

I talked to a lawyer. I talked to a person who works in the Tax assessor's office, and I talked to someone who works at another reputable dealership in town. 

He ran the vin number and found that the car had been registered in California in September, which was the same month I bought the car. Which explains why there is such a big problem now. 

But, the fact remains that the car was sold legally up to this point. It has a title, the title just hasn't been transferred yet by the previous lien-holder. That is standard for the most part; so, there is no legal recourse for me until and unless the car's paper tags run out after being renewed a third time. Legally, paper tags cannot be renewed more than 3 times. 

So, I am stuck, until my paper tags are renewed and expired again, 45 days after December 20th. 

If I lose my Uber Account, I will just try to get it re-instated once my new car is finally tagged. 

It might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe I can start fresh with no marks or complaints against me and have a perfect rating starting out with a new account. 

I'm not so sure I can complain about that, because there is no statute of limitations on any marks against me. They stay until I reach 3 strikes and then I am out for good with no hope of getting my account re-instated. Even if I work it for 10 years.

  And, today, I made $170. So, I think I'll be okay if I can keep this momentum up with Spark.

At least I still have Spark and the other delivery apps for now. 

Well, I'm watching Lost until I wind down and go to bed. 

Have a blessed night!

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