Saturday, November 26, 2022

Coffee, Rain, Pay, Give Me Jesus

Good Sabbath morning, World!

I am fixing to drink a cup of coffee this morning and then get out on the road ASAP. I have a lot of driving I have to do today and tomorrow in order to pay my bills.

At least my car has had an oil change.

If it starts raining, I may be forced to do something other than Spark, depending on how hard it is raining. I worked in the rain for the past two days, though...even though I would rather not.

I am having to depend on bill money to pay for gas at this whatever I make today or tomorrow has to be good.

But, I've also sold enough stock to cover what I don't make and am waiting for the money to settle in my account. I will know by Monday how much more I will actually need, so I can know how much I actually have to pull out of my account.

I will have to work just as hard next week for the next's week's bills to be covered. But, I won't owe as much, so that is a plus. Whatever I make over what I need will go back into E-trade until the first of next month.

I am trying to fix my accounts so all I have to do each month is pay myself a paycheck each week again, like I was just starting to do when I had all this to deal with suddenly.

I am going to be okay, though. I actually am more at peace now than I was a couple of weeks ago about all this.

I have Jesus. Have a blessed day!

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