Saturday, November 26, 2022

Some Customers...

Good Sabbath Evening, World!

I spent most of the day doing Walmart deliveries. But, around 2:30 PM it was raining hard, and after a customer left me standing in the rain waiting on a signature, I hung it up to dry for about an hour or so, in order to let the rain pass.

I really have a problem with entitled people who live in big houses with nice yards and treat people like crap. It got under my skin. I had to cool off.

So, I went to Colima's Mexican Restaurant on Summerhill Road and took a break.

It was good. And too much. I had to box it to take some of it home with me later.

Then, I went back to work.

I probably would have done better, but Walmart on New Boston Road REFUSES to hire more pickers and loaders. They had TWO workers today. ON A SATURDAY. And every pickup spot was filled. I waited an hour twice on two different orders, and finally cancelled. One of them, the loader came out to tell me, "I don't know why that one is still circulating, but someone has already taken that delivery." So I called Driver Support and got them to remove it and pay me for my time wasted.

I didn't come near making goal tonight. I think I am going to stay away from NB Road for awhile. Arkansas Side has improved a LOT. NB Road needs to follow suit.

I took a batch order of 12 different deliveries (about 1-2 items each). At one of the homes I had to leave the packages at, it was after dark. I had to use my phone as a flash light. The porch light wasn't on. It was REAL DARK.

I sent them a text message before I confirmed the drop off: "Thank you for using Walmart Delivery. The next time you order, though, would you please turn on your porch light. I'd hate for your home-owner's insurance to go up due to paying for my accident. Thank you."


Now it is time to watch "Lost" and play some Bingo.

I don't know if I am going to make enough this week, but I know God has it covered.

Have a blessed night!

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