Friday, November 4, 2022


Good Friday morning, World...

It is Friday, right? LOL

I was nauseated all night last didn't get much sleep. When I did get sleep, I didn't want to wake up. I slept through my 8:30 alarm. It was 9:10 when I got up.

I'm eating Ravioli for breakfast. (I didn't feel like cutting up carrots...or chopping lettuce).

I know I have to take something with me today for lunch, but not sure what that is. Yet. I was hungry mid-day yesterday...had to come home and eat. All that stair climbing made me hungry.

The chicken is still too frozen to do anything with, but, by this evening it should be ready to be bagged and put away.

The watermelon is all cut up and bagged and in the freezer. I might take some of that with me today. I even cut out the inside rinds to bag and cook later. Watermelon rinds are a REALLY GREAT DISH!

I don't like for good food to go to waste.

I'm drinking Iced hazelnut coffee with Italian sweet cream for flavor. Yum...and I need to wake up...

I am also making tea.

I drank a bottle of water throughout the night. Usually, I keep a glass of tea by my bed. Last night, I kept bottled water. I have lots.

Thank You, Jesus, for all the gifts you have given me. Thank You for the food You have blessed me with. And, thank You for the ability to go out and earn enough to pay my bills. Thank You for the business You send my way. Without You, I would have nothing at all. I would BE nothing at all.

Also, thank You for speaking to me through the Word on the radio each day. I listen and pray that You communicate Your will to me through the preaching, the teaching, the exclamations and the music. I know that You speak to us through our circumstances and surroundings, and through others, through dreams, through prayer and even face to face when necessary. More than once have you spoken to me through the radio.

Having said all that, I surrender all of myself to You, again. I let YOU have my hurts, my hang-ups, my anger, and my grief. I forgive those who I should be forgiving rather than staying angry and sulking about things. I pray that You lead me out of the path of those who would do me harm in any way, and that YOU be the judge, jury and executioner of justice for them, as You are with me. I pray that You bless them and that You shine Your face on them.

I pray that, moving forward, You lead me to be the hands and feet that You need. I pray that You temper my regrets and my longings. And, if it is not too much to ask, I pray that my tags will finally come in so I can drive Uber and Lyft again.

Thank You for Your many blessings. Help me to always be grateful.

In Jesus' Name, I pray, AMEN.

Have a blessed day!

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