Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Restless Days

Good Tuesday Evening, World.

I went to the dealership when I finally got out of the house today, after I went to the bank to deposit my bill money.

I was told that Texas refuses to do it without a Title in hand. So, they offered to get it done in Arkansas until the title comes in. I told them I didn't want to deal with the headache of changing my account information only to have to change it back.

I told them that I was working with 6 accounts, 2 of my highest paying are on hold due to all this and I am having to work 7 days a week from the time I get up until I am ready to drop dead at night, because the other four just don't pay the same. And, the time I spend talking to her, or taking care of any other business is time I am not making money for my bills.

I told them I might be able to make the car payment, but probably not "on time". She said she would do what she could to help me with that again.

I told her I would be back before the payment was due.

Then, I went to work.

I worked until 9 PM. I might have been able to squeeze one more run in, but I was stressed out because I had a batch of 9 deliveries I was on. The first one went to an apartment complex, but, there was no apartment number on the order. So I tried to call the lady but got transferred to driver support, who told me there was no phone number associated with the order. So, I had to return the order after I finished the other 8 orders.

The last one was a doozy, too. It took me 30 minutes and calling the customer twice for directions. The second time, they stayed on the phone with me until I got there. Then, it was only a small package that didn't even weigh half a pound.

I decided to go get my sugar, and some Stouffer's Meatloaf, and go home. I spent about as much as I would have spent if I'd have gone out to eat.

I am hungry.

And now I have to stay up until my clothes are washed tonight because I am out of clean clothes to wear.

I still need new shoes. I usually buy a new pair in October, but this year I couldn't afford it. And, I think I stepped in Dog poo on one of my runs. I can smell it.

God has this. Not sure what he is trying to teach me or keep me from, but I am still gonna praise Him.

Have a blessed night.

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