Monday, November 28, 2022

No Matter What

Good Monday Evening, World!

Today I made goal and then some. I didn't think I would be able to, since I HAVE to make $172/day for the next 7 days in order to cover all my bills for the next week, 7th - 14th.

I thought I was going to be able to get my tags, but Texas won't let us do it without the title in hand. I told her if I didn't hear from her today, I'd be back tomorrow.

I have fought tooth and nail for the past year in order to keep my business as a courier and taxi driver. I've lost the taxi business as of December 1.

But, Praise God, I still have options. Spark is doing me good. Not my choice of vocation, but I am obviously where God needs me. At least, I am where He is blessing me, anyway. And, I still have Grub Hub and Door Dash and ASAP Deliveries.

I was on a batch delivery of 11 orders (one or two items each). It was paying me $42 for nearly 3 hours of driving and delivering. I had to carry a big Christmas tree to one of the homes on my list.

When I got there, the lady was waiting at the door. She said, "Ho Ho HO!"

I said, "Merry Christmas! I feel like I'm Santa Claus right about now."

She said, "You ought to!" LOL Later, I was at another home and I backed the car into their garage. I don't think they were there, so I was going to unload the trunk full of groceries into their carport. When I finished, I took the picture to prove I was there, then reached up to the button beside the door that I thought was the doorbell (there should be a sign on it that says "This is not a doorbell" LOL) and pushed it.

Suddenly, the garage door started coming down. My car was sitting halfway inside the garage. The door was coming down on top of my car and I was inside the carport. I was about to have a coronary. LOL But, then the door stopped just before it got to my car and started back up.

I was thanking Jesus!

I reached up and knocked on the door, since the doorbell was a garage opener. LOL Then I got in my car and left, Laughing nervously.

I wonder if they have cameras? If they do, they are probably laughing when they watch me.

Have a blessed night! (Mine is. My car is still in one piece, and I made goal! No matter what, I'm going to be all right!)

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