Sunday, April 28, 2019

Today's a New Day

Hello, World.

Just getting my day started.

Yesterday, I canned my first pear preserves and they turned out awesome! So, I thought I would try my hand at some pepper jelly.

When I got done, it tasted great, but it was WAY too hot. I think I used too many peppers. So, I only have one jar of those, and the rest of the peppers, I am going to cut up and throw in the freezer.

I am out of jars. So, I'm prepping the oranges today and throwing them in the freezer for later as well, the carrots, too.

I have learned that if I work too hard on my web site, I make less money. So, I'm not going to try so hard from now on. I'm only doing what I have time to accomplish. But, I am not neglecting it. I have plenty of time, I just won't feel as rushed.

Playing the stock market is a challenge. I have lost more than I have gained. But, I have also LEARNED. It's a very strategic game you play with that, with real consequences, so I have to be careful. But, it's also fun.

I use the E-trade website. And, what I have learned is that commissions you pay when you buy stocks are what costs you the most. The only one really making money right now is the bank. LOL. But, I have also learned that it takes a LOT of patience and playing by the rules, and on a good day, there is money to be made. I have also learned that you have to have money in order to make money on Wall Street.

I have also learned that sometimes you just got to cut your losses.

Well, other than waiting for my new job to call me in, telling me I passed the background check, that's it for today's projects -- other than cleaning house, which is a never ending job (especially when you live with two bachelors, LOL)

Have a blessed day!

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