Saturday, April 20, 2019


I sat here today watching "After Colombine" on Pureflix.

As I listened to the second episode, I heard the former students who were there that day talk about forgiveness. It got me thinking.

These were kids (now adults, 20 years later) who still live with the trauma of what happened in their lives. They talk about what they have had to do in order to move on with their lives and not be "stuck" in the dark place that tragedy took them. They explained the process they went through in order to forgive and move on.

Many people suffer from PTSD from bad events that happened in their past. Soldiers who come home from wars, women who were raped, children who were abused. The PTSD, I have learned, is at its worse when the victim doesn't know how to forgive.

How many of us today are still holding on to anger over something someone did to us years ago. When we see them we become angry all over again, and it eats at us -- from the inside out. That is a form of PTSD.

Trauma can be defined as something that happens to you that your mind just can't seem to let go of. What may be something someone else seems to brush off and move on as if nothing happened, may be something you personally can't. That is a form of PTSD.

I look at the Colombine "Kids", and hear their story and then I look to myself at the things in my life that I have found hard to "let go". If they can do it, there is no reason I shouldn't be able to.

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