Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Get Back Up

Hello, World!

I got my first paycheck this morning, but it wasn't a full one because I didn't work a full week.

Still trying to catch up on bills. I have a whole $2 left in my bank account today. LOL...

But, my Avon will be in on Thursday. I'll have over $100 to deliver, and then I get paid a full paycheck (-1hour) on Monday.

I am off work after tonight until Friday (yes, I have it verified by the manager) So I'm looking forward to two days off to rest! Yesterday I thought I was off and the manager called me ten minutes after my shift started to tell me I was on the schedule to work. I was not a happy camper, but I went in. LOL

I told her when she came in this morning that "I promise I don't miss work if I know I'm supposed to be here!" and assured her I would be here on time tonight.

And, I bought a new shirt to work in tonight. (Didn't want to wash clothes again today..LOL)

I'm slowly getting back on my feet...

Have a blessed day!

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