Saturday, May 18, 2019

Though You Slay Me

Another interesting debate I got in with my housemate. My opinion on suicide: Everyone has the right to commit suicide. I'd hate for it to happen. It's wrong. God won't like it. But the right belongs to the individual committing it.

People commit suicide every day. Everyone is committing suicide in different ways. Some smoke or drink alcohol. Some take unnecessary risks. It's just a form of suicide attempt that isn't called that. Everyone has the right.

NO ONE should have the right to help someone else commit suicide. At that point, it becomes murder.

My friend said, "I believe that if someone is terminally ill the doctor should help him if that is his choice."

To which I replied, "I believe in the sanctity of life. Until GOD takes you off this earth, you should live. No one should play God."

He said, "But if there is no quality of life..."

I said, "Quality has nothing to do with it. God didn't promise life would be easy. He just promised to be here with us through it. Quality is what people make of it. Time is quality. How many children would give anything for just one more minute with their mom before the plug is pulled? There is a purpose in life. God can't be glorified through yours if you are dead."

He said, "I hate to see people suffer."

I said, "I do, too. But, everytime I walk out the door, I see someone suffering: That hungry man on the street with nowhere to sleep. That child who is sick and can't get medicine because she has no insurance or money. That old lady who walks with her buggy and thinks I'm her daughter.

Everyone suffers. We are all called to suffer. He calls us to ENDURE, not kill ourselves."

Just my opinion.

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