Monday, May 6, 2019

Cold Dead Hands

Me and my housemate were arguing about gun control the other day; particularly, whether churches and schools should be allowed to have armed guards including trained teachers that are allowed to have weapons on the campuses. The argument got heated. He doesn't believe this should be allowed. I argued that had a trained teacher had a gun the shooters would have not got as far as they did.

His argument was "What if a teacher gets mad and starts shooting at the students?" I thought that argument was absurd and told him so. A trained, law-abiding teacher who got the job because they had no record or any mental problems that would endanger the kids, being subject to background checks before they even get the job is unlikely to do such a thing. I mean, how many cases of this have we had? Period.

The argument got heated. He said he'd never go into a church with a gun on him even if he had a CCL because it's a holy place. I told him the Bible never had a problem with God's people defending the Holy Land.

He claimed that his training in martial arts was enough. I told him that martial arts wasn't going to save him from people who are ten or fifteen feet away shooting everyone in their sites. And, it was doubtful his skills could save a person the shooter was shooting at 20 feet away unless you had a gun to stop him with.

He wanted to argue that no one has the right to own an automatic weapon of any kind. I told him to go talk to the survivors of that church in Texas down the road from where the church that got shot up was that a man with an automatic weapon used to kill the man who shot them and saved countless lives doing so.

The argument got heated. I told him we needed to agree to disagree and leave it alone. He was not going to change my mind and I obviously wasn't going to change his. He wanted to continue until I told him "Look, if you refuse to allow law-abiding people the means to protect themselves, their family, or their property when the opportunity presents themselves, then you are as much a murderer as the shooter you refuse to let people defend themselves from." I told him once again to agree to disagree and "Get out of my face because you are P**ing me off!"

He shut up and went to his room for the rest of the night.

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