Saturday, June 13, 2020

Rule #2 in Direct Selling: Accommodate the Customer

The second rule to direct selling is to always accommodate the customer. If the customer wants you to sit with them for an hour to talk, do so. This is how you build rapport. This is how you get to know your customer's needs and desires. This is how you can make suggestions that they will be grateful for and buy.

I am thankful that the quarantine measures are easing. However, there is still need to accommodate.

For instance, yesterday, I knocked on doors at a senior living apartment complex. The first customer was sitting outside on her porch. She said, "You are an answer to prayer!" I sat with her nearly an hour as she browsed through my catalog, looked at the products in my basket I was carrying, and talking about her needs and her situation. By the time I left her, she had bought over $50 worth of products, half of it from the basket of products I had on-hand already. I am so glad I stayed and took the time to accommodate her!

The other day at Wal-mart, an elderly lady was putting groceries in her car. I asked her if she needed an Avon Lady. She said, "No, I need help getting this water into my car!" She was about a head shorter than me and very frail-looking and thin. I said, "Yes, ma'am! Let me help you with that!" She was grateful, and bought some Skin-so-Soft from me.

At another door at the senior living apartment complex I was at yesterday, a man answered the door. I introduced myself and offered to sell him some of the men's cologne in my basket. He asked me to come in. "I don't need the Avon, but my wife wants to see what you have!" I said, "Sure!" Then he handed me a disposable mask to wear and asked if I wouldn't mind putting it on first. Of course, I accommodated him! And, I sold another $10 worth of Avon while I was there. She asked if I had anything for arthritis in her feet. OF COURSE I did!

If you aren't willing to accommodate (and sometimes that means to serve) your customers, you aren't going to get very far in direct sales. Direct selling allows you to have versatility in how you serve your customers.

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