Monday, June 15, 2020

Rule # 3 in Direct Selling; Give yourself a weekly paycheck based on performance

It's all about making money, right? But, you only make money if you sell something.

Every week I keep a log of the hours I work. I keep another log of the sales I make. And, I keep a log of the products I buy to sell.

For now, because I am just starting, I give myself a set amount each week in pay. I get minimum wage - minus the taxes. For me, here in Texas, that is no more than $240.70 for a 40 hour week. However, that is ONLY if I am able to sell at least $882 worth of products each week.

This means I actually have to work at it.

Last week I worked a total of 12 hours selling Avon, including the time I spent doing inventory pricing and answering the telephone, making phone calls and updating my logs -- and watching educational videos at Avon U.

Since I only sold $239.98 worth of products, and minimum wage for me last week came up to $74.91 with taxes taken out and put aside, I am still short on what I need to pay myself this week (my profit is only $71.99, so it was too close to get discouraged about it!). Which means next week, I really need to try harder to make those sales!

As time goes by, though, and I am able to keep regular customers coming back and do more call-backs on established customers, that sales percentage will grow...and so will my pay. I am confident of that, just looking at these numbers!

And, minimum wage based on the hours that I worked is not a bad start!

Direct selling is not a get rich quick scheme. It is an honest living for an honest day's work. The only difference is that you get out of it exactly what you put into it. So, find what you enjoy to do and do it! Being happy isn't about the money, it's about enjoying life doing what you love to do!

I love Avon because it is easy to sell, it's flexible, and I see the fruits of my efforts -- and best of all, I get to KEEP my profits!

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