Friday, May 20, 2022

My Retirement Job

I get a lot of passengers who ask me if I like to drive for Uber. What they are really wanting to know is do I make enough to support myself by what I do.

Most of my passengers think that what I do is just a hobby, or something I do on the side to pass the time. I don't get that, but okay.

I love to tell my story every time.

Today I had a trucker that was going to the airport. He asked me about it. I answered every question he asked. I told him how I came to drive for Uber in November of 2020 - how I started out just doing Uber Eats and Waitr; and, how after a month, I went and bought my first car from a car lot that required payments, and signed up for everything else.

I told him that yes, I do really well with what I do. Sometimes Uber is slow, and that is why I have signed up with everything else.

When I told him how much I made last year on average each day, his eyes got really wide and he said, "REALLY! You do pretty good, then! You can actually make a good living doing this!" Well, yes...that is what I had been telling him.

It is funny how people don't take what I do as a serious living; and, yet, it is how I make mine.

I told him the truth: "There is no way on God's green earth that I will ever go to work for someone else ever again if I can help it. Especially now."

I have the ideal job. I can go anywhere. I work when I want to (which is all the time because I have nothing better to do anyway). I never use an alarm clock unless I have an appointment to keep. I can take off when I need to to spend time with family and friends and I don't have to worry about being fired if I just decide to stay home. And, if I have that extra bill to pay, or want some new clothes, I just get in my car and drive some more.

It's my dream job.

I'm keeping it.

And, I never plan to retire until I can't drive anymore.

And, all the credit goes to my Jesus. I feel as if God has led me to this day, this time, doing what I do for a living. I see it as a gift from Him. I have been trained for this all my life.

I learned good customer service from my past jobs as a server that has helped me deal with my passengers and customers on a daily basis now.

I learned good cleaning practices, so my customers always compliment how clean my car is inside, and I get tips for that, as well, from former housekeeping and environmental services jobs I've had.

I learned to serve and be grateful and say "Thank you" from my involvement with my churches, and a stint from being homeless - from which I also learned good counseling skills for those who are asking for information on how to get help finding food and necessities from those who are struggling and want to talk while on their trips. I can relate to those who have been abused, and some of my passengers are put at ease by my experience in that regard.

I was a Corrections Officer in a prison at one time, and it taught me to be more aware of my surroundings, which is really useful when driving and watching other drivers on the road in order to prevent mishaps that can be unsafe for me or my passengers. It also makes me not afraid of dealing with different attitudes - the kinds that may intimidate others. And, I make sure that whoever gets into my car shows me their hands and face before I let them in. I want to know I'm not going to be attacked, robbed or abducted...or worse.

I know I can't prevent all dangers, but I can be aware and I can do my best to discourage it, and my faith takes care of the rest.

I was a bus driver, a cab driver, and I know how to use a computer and my Smart Phone to find anything I need to find.

No one can tell me that God hasn't been training me for this; so, I'm going to make the best of what He has given me, and I am going to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

I am never going to retire until I have to.

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