Thursday, November 12, 2020

Every Step of the Way

Me and Donald Trump have SO MUCH IN COMMON!

I can't count the number of times I've been told something was impossible.

"Your life is over."
"President of what?"
"You probably aren't hire-able anywhere"
"You don't have the skills"
"You need to find a good man to take care of you or you won't survive".
"You will never amount to anything"
"You are nothing but red-neck trash"
"You are so ungrateful"
"You don't have what it takes"
"You are ALWAYS going to be alone"
"Nobody likes you."
"You stink"
"You are too slow"
"You aren't smart enough"
"You have a bad reputation"
"That will NEVER happen"
"You are ugly."
"You are too rude."
"You are too uncouth"
"You are too greedy."
"You are too selfish."

If I had listened to all that, I would have never done half the things I've done in my life. I would have never had half of the experiences I've had, and I would have NO HOPE right now.

I will NOT lay down and give up. I will fight until the day I die.

And, I WILL survive until God sees fit to stop me.

But...dang...sometimes I get SO tired of working to prove everyone WRONG!

So many times I've heard it...

"You never listen to anyone!" (Thank GOD!)

and then,

"How did YOU ever get where you are?"

I'll tell you how:

I believed in God when I couldn't believe in myself.
I fought every step of the way to get here.

I am not rich. I may be homeless in a month or two -- again. I am getting old. I am not strong. I don't have lots of talent. I am not famous.

But, I am ME. And, I am alive. I am not hungry. I am not cold. I am not sickly. I am not a weakling. I wake up every morning to fight through another say I did SOMETHING productive, no matter how small.

To start over, if I need to.

Success is not how much money you make or what you own or how well you are known. Success is the ability to survive and still love with all you have, even in the face of hate and resistance.

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