Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Rule #5 in Direct Selling: Display Your Authenticity by Wearing a Uniform

People love authentic.

It is hard, in these evil times, to know whether someone is safe and authentic. In direct selling, this poses a problem.

People today are wary of strangers who knock at their door. You don't know if the person knocking is a bill collector, a homeless person asking for hand-outs, or someone casing your home for a possible robbery.

As an Avon sales person, I have experienced very suspicious people; even when I tell them I sell Avon.

So, I have remedied the situation. I made T-Shirts that display that I am an Avon Lady. I carry products and sales tools where they can be seen visibly. When they come to the door I say, "Hi! I'm Shonda. I sell Avon. Do you need an Avon Lady? I have Skin-so-Soft today!" (I have a basket of Avon brochures and SSS in one hand, and I hold up a bottle of the Skin-So-Soft in the other). There is no doubt that I am who I say I am. The look of "suspicion" is virtually non-existent.

I display confidence in myself, friendliness toward the customer, and loyalty to my product.

I have noticed that more people are willing to buy from you when they know you are serious about your business.

Nothing says serious like having a uniform on!

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