Thursday, October 28, 2021

Sometimes It Takes a Mountain

Good morning, World.

I am currently charging up my telephone so I can call the mortgage company to find out what my options are concerning this trailer since I can't move it and am told I have to vacate the premises by January 24th due to the landlords selling the property.

I got the notice last night.

I guess they figured they couldn't keep it up and that not keeping it up would cost them more money than keeping it, so they have decided to sell it.

Suddenly I don't care about the rats anymore.

And, I will have to call off the Jesus Feast this year - again.

This is going to take all of the money I have saved up in my E-trade account, and then some. So, I have to figure out something fast.

It is funny how someone else's decisions can be life or death for you financially, and there is nothing you can do about it.

If I get out from under all this, I will never buy another mobile home. Lesson learned. I will be working toward my tiny home, though.

I will be looking for an affordable, pet friendly apartment or house until I can do so, though.

I know God has a plan. And, I know where my focus should be from now on. I know it should have never left there... I am going through this all alone, with God.

Sometimes it takes a mountain.

Have a blessed day!

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