Sunday, January 24, 2021

God will make a way

Some people really don't like my opportunistic nature. I seek out and take every opportunity God gives me. Because of this, I have survived tough battles in my life, sometimes at great personal cost.

But, I do not regret ever taking ANY opportunity to better myself, or to survive! And, I have NEVER taken any opportunity that went against what God had taught me of His own nature and laws!

When I started working as a courier, it was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I searched in prayer for anything that told me that God would not want this for me before I did it. I could find nothing about it that would make God mad at me, so I stepped out in faith.

I have never been happier!

When God sends someone who has food, even if I am not going hungry, I take it. My reasoning is, "whatever I can't eat, I can give to someone who needs it." When God sends me money, I take it. I invest it. I use it to help someone else in need. When God sends me someone to talk to, I use the opportunity to tell my story, and give God all the credit! When God gives me the opportunity to work, I take it. I learn from it. Sometimes, I have found it to be training for something better that comes along.

Had I never driven a car, or a bus, or a taxi, or delivered pizzas, I might not have felt qualified for what I am doing now. I might have let the opportunity pass me by. But, God knew back then where I would be today. GOD MADE THE WAY, I just followed it!

By doing so, I have let God write my story, and I LOVE telling it!

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