Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Avon, Kitten, Easter Eggs, Fish Fry and Lizards

I've had an eventful few days!

I've gone out to sell my Avon more. I've actually sold over $300 in the last week.

The diner where I work is seeing a lot more business (and we are SO glad to see that!) We had gotten so used to having no business, though, that it is taking some re-adjustment to get our minds and bodies working to receive it all "normally" again. I am NOT complaining!

I've had to order more Skin-So-Soft. I'm thinking about taking a Skin-So-Soft Road trip across the country soon. This time of year, I sell more Skin-So-Soft than anything. I can never seem to keep it in stock, no matter what time of year it is.

And, my hand lotions are big sellers in the restaurants, what with servers and cooks who wash their hands a lot and tend to get dry hands easily.

The perfumes are also always big sellers.

My web site makes it possible for me to save money on ordering new books.

Yesterday, I found a baby kitten under my car. Fred has named him "Tom". They are feeding and caring for him because he seems to have an eye infection and can't open his eyes. But he is really rambunctious and loves to explore.

I made sure the guys understood that we are NOT keeping him. We are just caring for him until he is well enough to put him back outside. Period.

I did spend nearly $20 on kitten milk and a bottle for him, though.

On Mother's day I spent some time with my Mom and my family. They had a fish fry at her house. The kids enjoyed riding her 4-wheeler. And, my greatest nephew, "Tank", as we've nicknamed him, found an Easter egg that was left over from Easter. He thought he had found gold.

Then his dad, my nephew, found a green lizard that was about as long as my hand, running across the back patio. He and his brother finally corralled it so he could show it to "Tank". When he picked it up by the tail, it turned around and bit him and held on to his finger. Calmly, my nephew said, "Okay, ya'll. Help me get this thing off my finger. It's starting to hurt."

The lizard apparently bit down harder when he tried to pull it away. It took my other nephew prying it's mouth open to remove it.

I told him, "Don't know what you were whining about. That thing don't have no teeth."

My bitten nephew said, "Like H*** it didn't! That s*** HURT!" LOL

It didn't even break the skin.

Milo and Otis (my baby-dogs) went with me. They ran around the yard, excited to be able to go see MeeMaw. At one point they disappeared. I went looking for them. The next door neighbors (my step-uncle and his family) were shooting their guns. I heard the gun shot and my stomach leapt through my throat. All I could think was "Please don't shoot my babies!" Then I saw Milo and Otis running as fast as they could back to me. Milo doesn't like loud sounds.

My step-dad said, "He wouldn't shoot those dogs." LOL

Then it was time to go home. I made sure to tell my Mom I loved her.

Ya'll have a blessed day!

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