Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Adventures as an Uber Delivery Driver #2

Tonight, I was sent on a delivery to Chipotle Mexican Grill on Richmond Road to pick up an order. There was a LONG line of customers.

As is protocol for delivery drivers, I walked over to the delivery cabinet to see if my order was there. I had to use the restroom, so I passed by it to go use the restroom while I had the opportunity.

I take the opportunity every chance I get, because sometimes it is a WHILE before I can go again. I hate having to pee, and going into KFC or Church's Chicken. They ALWAYS have the restroom blocked up and a sign that says, "Restrooms CLOSED" due to COVID. I still don't understand why BK and McDs can open theirs and these still remain closed...ANYWAY...

When I came out of the restroom, I noted that the cabinet was empty, the line of customers was still long, and there were FOUR other delivery people ahead of me waiting for their order.

Time is money, but I got some help with my finances today, AND I still had a great day delivering so far, so I decided to be patient rather than release the order.

I texted the customer to explain the situation and assure them that as soon as their order was ready, I would be on my way.

I got a text back saying, "No worries! Thanks!"

I love THOSE kind of customers.

I waited a good 45 minutes before my order was finally ready. I delivered it to Townplace Suites at the Marriott on Cowhorn Creek Loop.

As soon as I got back to my car, I got another ping to go back to Chipotle from ANOTHER customer who was ALSO at the same Hotel.

I decided, "why not...surely they aren't as busy as they were earlier."

When I got there, there was one customer and one driver ahead of me in line. I still had to wait a good 15 minutes, and I still made sure to communicate with the customer about it. I got the same response as the previous customer. So I patiently waited.

When my order was handed to me, finally, the crew member at the restaurant gave me a cup with a lid. "Get something to drink on us" she said, "I'm sorry you had to wait!"

The other crew member beside her concurred. I thought it was a sweet gesture to make up for the time I've lost, but I turned it down, and told them I appreciated their offer, but had something to drink in my car. Thanks, anyway, for the offer!

It was nice to be recognized as a valuable part of their business!

And, the customers I delivered to tipped me well, in spite of the wait!

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