Friday, December 25, 2020

Adventures as an Uber Driver #1:

Tonight I was sent to Taco Bell on 7th Street to pick up an order to take to some apartment on Arkansas Boulevard, for just $4.00.

Most Uber drivers would have turned down the run since it was going to be so far to drive...not me. I take EVERYTHING I am offered. Never know what the tip is going to look like! -- I have done $80 worth base pay on deliveries this week so far, and made over $70 in tips. That's just 2 half days of work.

The customer ordered two of the new $5.00 boxes that haven't even started selling yet. (Why are they advertising it if they are not selling it?)

There is a long line at the window. It's after 9 PM and the inside is closed, so you have to go through drive-thru.

I get to the intercom and they greet me with "Would you like to try one of our Chalupa boxes?"

"No thank you. I am delivering for Uber and I have an order to pick up from here for (customer's name)."

"Ma'am, on that order, we don't have the boxes she asked for. We can give her the Chalupa boxes instead? We haven't even started selling that yet"

There is a long line, as I said, and I didn't want to hold anyone up. So I said, "Let me get out of line and call her and I'll be back with her answer."

I had already texted the customer to let them know the line was long so it would be a little bit before I was on the way with her food. Now I had to text her again. I did. She said it was okay. So I had to drive around the building to get back in line.

The lane is REAL narrow by the window, so I had to carefully maneuver my new car around the car that was sitting

there. I did. Successfully, but not without the passengers in the car at the window cussing me out while I was doing it. LOL Had I not been a Christian, I would have flipped them off as I was driving by them. Instead, I ignored them, smiling, and went and got back in line.

When I got back to the intercom, I said, "She said it would be okay to give her the Chalupa boxes." I was told to drive on to the second window, which I did. I got to the window and was told, "We don't have any Chalupas. Will you accept Gorditas instead?" I texted the customer right there and said, "They are giving you Gorditas because they don't have any Chalupas left. Is that okay?"

The customer said okay.

I asked the customer if she would like me to include hot sauce, then said, "I will just get you some to be sure".

The guy at the window pretty much THREW the bag at me. I asked for hot sauce. He said, there is some in the bag.

I texted the customer and told her I was on my way with the order.

When I got to the apartment, I sat the food down and her boyfriend opened the door. I told him, "Uber requires I take a photo of the bag for verification that the order is delivered" and I took a quick photo and said, "Now you can pick it up."

We giggled. Then I said, "Just so you know, that Taco Bell had the WORST customer service EVER!" He nodded.

An hour later, I got a ping on my Uber App telling me that the customer tipped me $10.

I'm just saying...Good communication goes a long way in this job!

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