Saturday, December 19, 2020

Joyful Day

It's been a semi-busy day today. I learned something:

I need to get my notebook and start writing down all my trips (addresses and mileage) as I go. The apps don't give enough information (although, they do provide the exact mileage) but in order to get the deduction on my taxes, I need to put the information in my quickbooks. My phone isn't picking up trips like it is supposed to. So, that will be part of my daily routine now when I get back home -- to manually put the trips into the computer.

My last order was interesting:

I delivered from Popeyes. When I got there, the order wasn't ready, and they were cleaning, getting ready to close or go home, doing side-work. I was patient as they prepared my order.

Then, the lady said, "We don't have raspberry pies for the order?"

I asked her if she could substitute the pies. She said she had cinnamin apple. So I called the customer.

As I was talking to the customer about the dilemma, she said, "Oh, btw, we'll have to cook the pies, it will take six more minutes." I asked the customer if that was okay. He said sure, if I didn't mind. I told him no problem (we were slow and it was my last order anyway). I waited out in the truck, intending to go back in in a few moments. The lady brought the order to me.

I messaged the customer and told him I was on my way.

When I got to the address, I took a picture. Then I messaged the customer to tell him I was there. As I was leaving, he called me and explained to me that I was at the wrong house, that it was not my fault, that the address was wrong in the computer.

I said, "Well how am I supposed to get it to you if the address is wrong? LOL"

His girlfriend walked over to the house (they were behind it) and got the order.

Seriously, people, please put the right address in the app! Thank you!

Oh, I did get a $10 tip for my patience!

Today is the last day I get to use my mom's truck, I will be returning it to her tomorrow. Then on Monday, I will be going back to the Car Mart with my car to see about trading it in, and I may have a new vehicle to drive after that!

A bill collector called me this morning and woke me up. For the first time in what seems like forever, I was actually looking forward to the call.

I was able to pay all my tithes this morning. That, too was a relief! The longer I hold onto money, the greater chance I have of spending it. I guess God knew that! He told me right where He wanted it. It's all in His hands now.

I am looking forward to seeing where my next tithe is going to go and how much I'll save to give before He tells me where to send it.

It's really funny. I had no idea how much I made this last month. The Car Mart people made a copy of my bank transactions and highlighted all of my earnings and added it up. They told me how much I had made, and it was exactly 10 times the amount in my tithe account. It's working out well! And, I feel HONORED to be able to give again!

I guess this is what the Bible means about "joyful giving".

I am looking forward to EVERYTHING now. 2021 is going to be a GREAT year for me, financially!

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