Monday, December 21, 2020

I Stepped Out in Faith, Check Out My New CAR!

God woke me up this morning about 8:30 AM after only about 5 hours of sleep, and I couldn't go back to sleep. Then a bill collector called, wanting to send me money, AND lower my interest rate on a loan I took out!

The blessings are coming!

I was able to sell 5 shares of my stock from gains on the stock market to buy 10 more shares of stock that are fixing to pay dividends, which will be reinvested.

More blessings!

Today on the agenda: Try to trade my car in. Then, go get my insurance adjusted for my new vehicle. Then, go to the DPS office to get my "vehicle-for-hire" permit. (Praying I am able to do all this!)

I paid my first payment toward my past due medical bills today -- the first in a long time. I am HAPPY to be able to do that!

I prayed that the blessings would keep coming in!

God has blessed me SO MUCH today!

I prayed all the way to Car Mart that God would lead me to the right car for me.

I got to Car Mart, with all my paperwork in tact. They sat down with me and got everything started, then sent me out to test drive the first car.

It was a black Ford, can't remember the year and model. Not important. I drove it.

You know how you have that gut feeling that something just isn't right? I didn't like how it changed gears. I went back and told them it just didn't feel right. It's not me.

So they took me to the second car. It was a beautiful Sentra. Real small, too. I'm sure it was economical, BUT...

When she tried to start it, it wouldn't. I asked her, "I'm not going to have alternator problems with this one am I?" LOL She assured me that they just left the key on because they start all the cars every day and this one just had the key left on. She went and got the charger.

When the guy who came out with the charger hooked it up, the horn started honking. Wouldn't stop. I said, "Ya'll don't SERIOUSLY think I am going to want this car at THIS point, do you?" LOL

So the last car she had in my price range, she took me to this one. OMG. My heart stopped beating just looking at it. I couldn't WAIT to drive it! This was the ONE!

I then signed all the paperwork and went to get my insurance.

I prayed that they wouldn't ask me to pay anything more than what I had left in my checking account. Not much at all. I ended up walking out of the insurance office with my paperwork for the Car Mart, only having to switch everything over. Yes, it is going to go up on my next payment, but not by much, and I didn't even have to pay anything today! I am covered!

I had to include 6 references in my paperwork. I have never felt more blessed. All of the references that were called (that I know of) asked the Car Mart Rep, "Why are you still talking to me? If I were YOU, I'd get off this phone right now and go sell that girl a car!" I had GLOWING references.

When I got back, I signed some more paperwork, and after being there since noon, it was nearly 5:00 PM., I drove it off the lot to go show it to mom and Benny!

Then I went to the Pitt Grill to show it off to my landlord, who just happened to be one of my references that they called, and to the other ex-coworkers at the Pitt.

Then I came home. I told the guys, "YES! I have HEAT, AIR, RADIO...and LOOK at all this ROOM! I may NEVER come home from work now!

I feel SOOOO BLESSED! car payments are twice what I wanted to pay for it. So now, I have to afford it.

Now I gotta upload the paperwork into my quckbooks...It's a good deduction! The amount of the deduction is exactly equal to the amount I've made since I left the Pitt Grill.

This morning I prayed that the blessings would keep flowing -- and BOY DID THEY!


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