Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Hello, World!

I was stuck today. I couldn't make any deliveries until after the 1st of the month with what deliveries I had left, because the customers don't get paid until then. And, I couldn't go door-knocking until I got my books in. So, I decided today was callback day.

I took all of the phone numbers I have collected and called them to see if there's anything in the book that they wanted before I turn my order in.

I figure most of them had had time to look through the book by now.

I didn't do too bad for a day of call backs. Out of ten calls, I was able to get about $40 more worth of orders. And, I still have about 5 people to call who wasn't able to answer their phones.

Y'all have a blessed day!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

101 Uses for Skin So Soft

Hello, World!

Today I went out to deliver my Avon and do some door knocking. I came home with one phone number and over $30 in orders, and less about 10 Avon books.

I am looking forward to hearing from some customers.

I went to one house and the lady was sitting on her porch. She said, "Yes! I'll take a book. Can you take one to my daughter across the street, too?"

I went across the street and there was a "no soliciting" sign on the door. I knocked anyway, after all, Mom sent me.

Her daughter gladly took the book, and then I walked down the street some knocking on doors. I skipped the house next to the lady because no one was home, and was walking to my car when the lady on the porch said, "Miss Ponder! She's not home, but if you leave it in her mail box, she'll be happy to get it!"

I said, "I'm so sorry, but it is a federal offense for me to leave it in the mailbox without postage paid. I can give you another one, though and you can give it to her for me if you don't mind?"

"Wow! I never knew that!"

I've been an Avon Lady off and on for about 20 years. It's one of the first things I was taught in my training.

I have appointments to keep for the rest of the week, and my new campaign books should arrive on Thursday, so I'm not sweating the fact that I only have about 5 more books. Think I'll hold on to them until I can get this Avon delivered...LOL

OH YEAH, I almost forgot! I stocked up on a bunch of Skin So Soft. Did you know that Skin So Soft can be used 101 different ways?

Click the link below for a list of Avon's Skin-So-Soft uses!

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Yes, Avon Still Exists, and I Sell It!

Hello, World!

I just got back from going door to door. I had a REALLY good day today!

I determined that if I give out a book, I will try to get a phone number. Of course, I've been doing that and it hasn't been working out too well, because a lot of people will say, "Your name is on the back of the book? I'll just call YOU."

Today, however, I have collected 10 phone numbers from very eager prospective customers who wanted to take the time to look through the book before they order.

The first door was very encouraging. I got the usual (lately) "I haven't seen one of these in a LONG time! And, I LOVE Avon!"

Then, the second door, right next to her, said the same thing. I made sure to get their names and numbers.

If they all order (which probably won't be the case, but I'm thinking positive) I'm looking at about a $200 order for just today!

I try not to be too intrusive on their time. My purpose is to let them know that, YES, Avon still exists, and I sell it!

I am going to go out and do this again tomorrow.

Ya'll have a blessed day.

And don't forget to check out my Avon Website!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

"I haven't seen an Avon book in YEARS!"

So, I am at the check out in Wal Mart. I hand the cashier an Avon book as she waits for the lady in front of me to pay for her stuff.

She took the book, laid it on the counter behind her and says, under her breath, "I haven't seen an Avon book in years!"

I said, "I keep hearing that! Yet, when I am knocking on doors, someone ALWAYS says, "No, thank you. I SELL Avon. I want to say, 'how is that possible, when your next door neighbor hasn't seen a book in years?'"

The lady paying for her order laughed. I handed her a book, as well.

As the cars were backed up and in line at the produce give-away, I saw a lady sitting on her porch as her son played in the pool outside in their front yard. I figured I had time, so I hopped out of the car and walked over to her and handed her an Avon book.

You know what she said? Yep. You guessed it.

"I haven't seen an Avon book in years!"

It reminds me to not totally depend on the internet. So many people don't use it. But, for those that do...


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

No Bonus...

Hello, World!

Well, it looks like I'm not going to make my $200 bonus. There was a glitch in my credit card and it caused my order to be turned in later than it was supposed to be. Avon says there is nothing that they can do since the glitch was not on their part.

I am really disappointed to tears! But I am still in the running for the $25 bonus. I need four more customers.

I guess it's all for the best. At least now won't feel so pressured.

Pray for me. My finances are non-existence unless I can sell a bunch of Avon. And this campaign is going really slow.

Y'all have a blessed day!

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Skin So Soft and Fleas

Hello, World!

I'm getting ready to go out and sell some Avon here in New Boston. I have to wait until After 5 PM to let it cool down.

But, let me tell you, if your dog (or cat) has fleas, the BEST stuff to use is Skin-so-Soft Original Bath Oil Spray. And, I'm not just saying that because I sell the stuff. LOL

Two days ago I gave my fur-babies a bath in Dawn dish soap. Then, I sprayed them with the Skin-So-Soft. I have not seen one flea on them. The only scratching they've done is the normal stuff.

Today, I sprayed them again, because I could tell that it's wearing off -- just like any bug spray would do after awhile. But, this is day three, and they are still bug-free, even before I sprayed it.

I will never go back to buying flea and tick stuff at Wal-Mart again! THIS STUFF WORKS!

And, to top it off, they SMELL good!

(Of course, if you need some, Click HERE!)

Have a blessed day!
(I know the baby-dogs are feeling blessed!)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Jump Start

Hello, World!

Today was the worse day ever. Well, okay, it wasn't TOO bad. I did get to go to church. LOL

I walked ALL the way up the street (7 blocks) knocking on doors in 95+ degree weather. I was SOOO hot. And, no relief once I got back to my car, because I don't have air-conditioning. I didn't sell ANYTHING and I gave out about 6 brochures.

I decided to go to the Crazy Horse and rest and have a coke (and MAYBE someone might want some Avon while I am there...) but, no sale. I did rest up, though. The Bartender took one look at me and when I told her I had just finished door to door and needed to cool off, she exclaimed, "OH, I was wondering!" I was soaking wet with sweat and I know my face was redder than a beet. She bought me a coke.

I had the money. I tipped her with it.

I drank two cokes and left to try to sell again...but it was nearly 6 PM and God nudged me and said, "It's Wednesday night. You are here in town...." so I went to church.

I saw Miss Marcy (what a unique blessing she is!) and I told her about my day and what I was up to. When it came time to leave, I told her, "I haven't sold anything today. I can't go home until I do. So, I better get going..." She bought a $4.00 shower gel from me, so I could say I sold something and go home. LOL

I love Miss Marcy.

She even said a special prayer with me before I left.

I got in my car and the key was still in the "on" position. CLICKCLICKCLICK said my car. Sigh...

I went back into the church to ask for a jump. "Does anyone have cables? I'm stuck!"

Praise God for a guy who had some and came to help me out.

I came home and was looking forward to scrounging up something to eat and getting out of these pasted on clothes and fixing a gigantic glass of sweet iced tea.

After turning off my car in my drive and re-starting it three times to make sure it would start, I came in the house.

Fred informed me that food was on the stove, ready for me to eat. Praise GOD! He had even just let the dogs out so I wouldn't be bothered while I settled in.

I got comfortable, ate and then let the dogs, who REALLY smell good from the skin-so-soft and bath I gave them earlier today, in.

Milo and Otis fought over loves from me for a few minutes, then I made them "GET OFF ME, YA'LL! Go play! Go on, get down!" They did.

Here I am, now realizing how much God loves me, in spite of a hot, tiring, unprofitable day. He reminds me that I am SO blessed!

Mark 8:36
“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

As for today, I am not discouraged. I know my Lord rewards hard work sooner or later.

Have a blessed night!

Hot Weather and Avon

I have 19 customers in my customer base listed in my web office -- along with all the products they ordered. Isn't it nice that Avon keeps up with that for me?

When the shelf life of the product runs low, or the customer has had the product long enough that they may be running out of the product, Avon notifies me to let me know that a follow up might be in order, so I can contact the customer to ask them if they are ready to re-order the product.

Wow...we didn't have that when I started selling Avon years ago!

I love my web office!

I have to go out an sell again tomorrow. I only have six days left in this campaign and I need another $130 in sales to make my goal!

I can do it. With God all things are possible. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. (and boy do I need that strength in this HOT weather!)

The Bus Passes for the Homeless campaign has only raised about $42. I sure could use some more donors -- or avon sales. A dollar is taken from every order and placed in the donor pot and the customer is listed to enter a drawing for a $100 gift even if it is one item, please think about ordering! This fundraising campaign ends on July 31, 2019.

And, if you are worried about shipping costs, Avon is offering free shipping on all orders over $25! (Just use the code: FREESHIP25)


Sunday, July 14, 2019

My grandfather could have been Ross Perot...

My grandma went to school with Ross Perot. She said the kids at school made fun of him all the time. They called him "Parrot" because of the spelling of his name. He privately asked her not to do that one day when they were hanging out together.

She told me a story once of how Ross Perot had asked her to marry him. She turned him down in favor of my grandaddy, who was going to war to volunteer his service to Normandy, at the time. She explained her plans to Ross Perot, who tried to talk her out of quitting school.

Grandma told him she didn't have the money for books and stuff.

Ross Perot, about the same age she was, was a very resourceful young man. He worked from the time he was old enough to work to help his family out, and to have his own money.

Ross Perot offered to buy her books for her, and to make sure she had transportation to and from school. This was during the backside of the Great Depression. She didn't even have to marry him for him to help her.

She turned him down, and delayed her education until Grandaddy came home from the war and made her go get her GED. Then she became a Nurse and retired from Wadley Hospital.

Just to think that Ross Perot could have possibly been my grandfather was amazing...but we know how this works. If that had happened, I may not even have existed.

Grandma turned down Ross Perot. Wow....

Drug addiction is not a disease...

Me: Drug addiction is not a disease.

Fred: Yes it is. I know. I am a recovered addict.

Me: It is not a disease. It is a choice you made when you made the choice to take the drug. A disease is caused by a bacteria, a virus, or a cancer or a physiological naturally occurring event in a body. Addiction is NOT.

Fred: You are wrong and the whole medical community says you are wrong.

Me: I don't care who says I am wrong. I am not.

Fred: Then how do you explain it to them?

Me: The way I explained it to you.

Fred: Addiction is a disease. Talk to any doctor and he will tell you.

Me: If a million doctors tell you there is no God are you going to believe them?

Fred: Let's just agree to disagree.

Me. Fine.

In my opinion, calling drug addiction a disease is only enabling the addicted to excuse his behavior.

It is not a disease. It is a consequence. BIG difference.

A disease can kill if you don't take drugs to get rid of it or ease the discomfort.. An addiction kills if you continue to take drugs that ease the discomfort of taking them in the first place.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Produce and Productivity

This morning I woke up, bathed and dressed and headed out the door by 8:15 AM.

I set my table up at my Uncle John's and Aunt Stella's and labeled all my books as I waited.

There was shade under the tree where I was sitting, so it wasn't too hot. But, I didn't think the line was EVER going to form down the road. Finally, about 11:15 the line began to back up down Flower Acres Road.

As the cars waited, I began distributing my flyers and brochures to all the cars. I got a few sales, then, when the line disappeared, I had my Uncle John come watch my table while I hopped in my car to go get my produce at the church (the reason for all the cars).

I received a gigantic watermelon, about eight grocery bags full of packs of shell-less sunflower seeds, 8-5lb bags of potatoes. 2 sour cream in plastic containers, 1 bag of peaches, and a bushel of gigantic bananas.

I went back and packed up my table and then took my dad some produce, then took my mom some and visited with her for awhile.

Then, HOT and TIRED, I came home, got comfortable, fixed me a GIANT glass of Tea and sat in front of the computer with Fred, who is listening to his classic rock.

I am looking forward to resting the rest of the day.

I have decided not to set up any more tables until the weather cools down a bit.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Ghosts and Avon....

It was a pretty good day, yesterday. I woke up, bathed, debated a little on Facebook about Aliens from outer space, then I started beans in the crockpot (with hamburger, mushrooms, onions, garlic and butter, a little bit of chili powder, salt and pepper) and then hopped in the car -- after instructing the guys NOT to touch the beans until I get home -- and took off to sell Avon.

First stop, Crazy Horse Saloon. I walk in and say, "AVON CALLING!" Old man at the counter immediately says, "HEY! You got something to make me smell good?" I said, "Yes, sir!" and gave him a sample of Wild Country. He whips out the money and says, "I want it."

Lady next to him says, "You got lipstick?" I told her all I had were a few samples because I don't carry make up with me due to the weather being so hot. "Don't want the lipstick to melt in the car..."

I then proceeded to tell her about this new lip stick called 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo. She ordered it. Then asked me to check on a perfume that isn't in the book. I asked her if she wanted me to order it for her if Avon had it available. "Absolutely!"

Two customers walk in the door. I hand the lady a book. They sat next to the Wild Country guy. She comes over to where I was sitting, drinking my coke that the lipstick lady bought me, and asked me if I had any underarm deodorant. She bought 3 bottles. Then her husband comes over and says, "You got any spray cologne for men?" I gave him a sample of the new Mesmerize Black. He bought it.

Then the Bartender says, "HEY! You got any Skin so soft?" I said, "In my car!" She said, "No, I mean on you right now!" I said "Give me one minute." I go to my car and come back with the bottle and tell her how much. She buys it.

Then it was time to go.

I went and ate and passed out books to the shopping center nearby, then I came home.

Fred has decided that there is a ghost in his room. We had a good laugh, especially because he is serious about it. I told him, "Hey, maybe that's why Otis constantly barks at you when you come out of the room. Maybe it isn't YOU he's barking at!"

da da da da da da da da.....(twilight zone)

(Fred called me a "turd")

Then I checked the beans, called the guys for supper, and sat down for the rest of the night.

It was fun.

Then, today, I collected about $20 worth of orders and about $10 sold from my bucket, another $100 in online sales and I handed out about 30 books, complete with my phone info and website address!

I still find it amazing how I can talk to one person who quickly informs me, "No, I actually sell Avon, too!" and then the very next three people I talk to says, "Avon! I haven't seen one of those books in years!"

Seriously? You got an Avon rep right next door and you've never seen a book? Hmmmm. Does NOT discourage ME!

I'm tired, sweating, hot and now I have to label more books for my table at Flower Acres in the morning.

If you'd like to order Avon, CLICK HERE!
It doesn't matter where you live, Avon will deliver directly to you! And, if you use that link, that makes ME your Avon Independent Sales Representative! I am just a phone call away if you have any questions. (My number is on the website!)

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

God and Ancient Aliens

We've all seen the show on the History Channel about Ancient Aliens.

I am not so arrogant as to say that there are no aliens on other planets. But I am not foolish enough to say that God did not create them or to call the creation gods.

It is okay to seek after knowledge. It is okay to do research on ancient aliens. It is okay to seek to go to other planets in order to better our way of life and seek out new alliances.

We must remember however, knowledge, which can be enlightening, can also be a stumbling block.

There is only one God, who is, was, and always will be. My God has no beginning or end. He is infinite. Anything, and I mean anything, that leads you away from God, is of Satan.

So while you are doing your "research", be sure and keep in perspective the definition of creation versus the definition of creator.

Understanding science does not lead you to understand God. Understanding science lead you to understand God's works. There is a difference.

God creates His creation to create. As long as His creation follows Him and His laws, whatever it creates is good. But if His creation decides to elevate itself into being called gods, and seeks to create in order to control and manipulate and do evil deeds, the creation becomes bad.

Once the original sin entered into the equation God's creation became flawed. They forgot that there is only one God and it is not them or us.

There are too many today who seek to put someone else or something else in the place of God. I say again, there is only one God.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Taking it easy...

My outside experience on Friday has left my arms red and burning, my neck and my v-line in my chest area, and my nose and forehead burning, as well as the back of my neck where my hair was lifted in a pony-tail. I can't wrinkle my forehead without it hurting. LOL

I stayed inside all day to rest on Saturday. Updated my sites, surfed some TEs, and washed clothes and bathed the dogs.

That was an experience. Milo was good. He didn't want to be in the bath tub, but he tolerated it until I wrapped him in a towel and took him out to dry him.

Otis, on the other hand, was like a whiny kid. "Mom, do I gotta? Here, let me just get out and you can spray me with some of that stuff..."

"No, Otis. Sit down. I'm not finished with you yet."


"Maybe it's time to eat now. Can I get out NOW?"

"No, Otis. You got fleas. I'm not finished yet."

Whimper. (sits down in the water for a moment).
"Mom, I am clean enough. I'm getting out..."



Finally, I wrap him in a towel and pat him dry and put him down...

"YAAAYYYY. I took a bath!" running around in a happy circle and shaking his fur). "Hey, Milo-dad! She washed me up and I ain't gotta be in there no more!" attacking Milo...


I spent the rest of the day watching Pureflix.

Fun day...

Saturday, July 6, 2019

It's a Beautiful Day

Last night, we only had hamburger meat in the freezer. And, a few slices of cheese.

So, I browned about a lb of hamburger meat, chopping it up.

Then, I took a casserole dish and placed a thin layer of rice on the bottom.
I sliced up some potatoes (from Flower Acres Free Produce Day) and laid them out in single layer on bottom (about 3 potatoes).
Then, I put the hamburger meat, after it was drained, in a layer on top of that.
Then, I put a layer of corn (from Flower Acres) on top of that.
I still had some tomatoes and onions in the crisper, so I chopped up two tomatoes and half an onion, and sprinkled that on top of that.
Then, I took about a cupped of chopped mushrooms (from Flower Acres) and sprinkled it on top of that.
Then, finally, I chopped up about 5 slices of Serrano Pepper (also from Flower Acres).

I baked it for an hour.

Then, I put the cheese slices on top and let them melt.

Serve. Salt and Pepper to taste!

Praise God for Flower Acres. Dinner was cheap, but delicious and very filling tonight!

After adding up the cost of the meal, I deduced that we paid less than $5.00 for all three of us to eat. WOW!

Thank You, Jesus!

One of the things I missed while I was working at my last very good paying job, though I would never say it out loud at the time, was watching God work in my life in such practical and small ways.

When you go from nothing to having everything, having everything takes something away from the closeness. Not sure WHY that just does. Then, when you go back to struggling, you wonder if God is still there, and still wants to bless you.

Knowing He is, and experiencing it are two different things. I think this is why it is difficult for those who have a lot to go to having little, because they have forgotten that God CAN and WILL if they trust Him.

Though I KNEW God was still with me and I had HIM to thank for where I was, I hadn't had to trust God in this way in a long time.

I consider it a blessing and a privilege to still "experience" His love for me in my valley. I can honestly say I am really happier when I am struggling -- in some small, but great way!

Yesterday, I set up a table on Center Street in New Boston, in order to sell some Avon. I did pretty well. I didn't sell too many products, because I didn't have, on hand, the products some visitors were looking for. But, I did manage to give away a few catalog books and my website information for those who wanted more information.

I also found that I needed to have more men's products to sell. For some reason, I have made more sales to men than I have to women. Avon isn't just for women, you know! It's funny how a lot of people think so!

After being out there for 4 hours with no cover from the sun, my skin was burning. I realized that it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to remain out there for the next 4 hours I had planned to stay. So, I loaded up and came home.

For the first time in years, I have a sunburn.

Today is Saturday. I plan to take a break and stay in front of the computer today, and plan the week ahead.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Mistakes worth making...

I don't see how anyone can have any fun if they are always worried about what other people think. I fall on my face all the time (so to speak) in front of people. I've learned to get up, dust myself off, look at the other person and laugh and say, "Did you see that? What an experience!" This invites them to laugh WITH me rather than AT me. And, if they don't, and want to go and talk behind my back, so what. I get talked about all the time, I'm sure. I just don't care. If I cared, it would cause drama and stress...I'm not even sure I know what embarrassment feels like anymore...Heck, everyone makes mistakes. OWN it. Get over it, move forward with the knowledge that you may have made a mistake, but it is not one you will make as easy next time. Therefore, it was a productive mistake and one worth making!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Will It Make My Hair Grow Back?

Avon Antics:

Yesterday, while I was going door to door in a trailer park, I came to one door and knocked.

An older looking balding man opened the door.

I said, "Hi! I'm Shonda Ponder. I'm an Avon Independent Sales Representative. I was wondering if anyone here might be interested in looking at some Avon products today!"

He smiled real wide and said, in a fun sarcastic way, "I don't know....will it make my hair grow back?"

Not to be out-done, and not missing a beat, I responded with, "No, sir. But it WILL make you smell better!"


If you'd like to smell better, too, Click HERE!

Carry Me

After paying this month's bills, all I have left is a total of $160 to eat on.

This means that next month and from here on out, I am BROKE, unless I can make enough from selling Avon to pay my bills. Which means...

No rest for the weary. I'll have no choice but to go out and sell sell sell. This means working from sun up to sun down and HOPING I don't run out of books.

Pray for me.

I have learned from the past that it is do-able. And, I have faith that God shows up and shows out RIGHT ON TIME ALL THE TIME.

I feel privileged to be back in a situation where I can show you God's existence in my life again.

The Bible teaches that we should live from day to day and not worry about tomorrow. Jesus said, "Take no thought for the morrow, what ye shall eat or what ye shall wear. Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof."

So, Jesus, if You are listening (which I know You are), it's all YOU now. Carry me. I can't walk.

And, as for the rest of you, I'm not asking for hand-outs. I'm asking for a chance to work for you, as YOUR Avon lady.

Click HERE to Buy AVON!