Saturday, December 19, 2020

Rising to the Top

Good Friday Evening, World!

I just got home. It was a good day out for delivery, although it still could have been busier and I would have been happier.

I shopped around for a car earlier today, and I think I may have one to drive on Monday...I hope.

This will open up better opportunities for me to make money in the gig economy. I will be able to do rideshare, and even if I don't, it will be a whole lot more comfortable with heat, air, and radio in my car. I'll be able to stay out working longer.

My estimated taxes have lowered by about $200, since I started recording mileage. Quickbooks is a lifesaver!

In October, I said that my 52nd year would be a year of transformation for me.

I dyed my hair. I changed employment status from working a minimum wage job as a cook employed by a local diner, to being self-employed, making at LEAST twice as much doing deliveries and, hopefully, rideshare soon.

I am fixing to get a new car. And, my health insurance isn't out of the running until December 31st, so I have until then to pay the first payment to start it. (I'll have INSURANCE again!).

Today I made platinum status with UBEReats. So if I need to, now I am afforded up to four roadside assistance incidents for FREE should I need it, as well as a whole bunch of other discounts and opportunities!

My life is already getting better. I feel more FREE and INDEPENDENT -- less dependent on having to ask for help when I am short on money and have an emergency.

My E-trade account has doubled in investments and value since October.

I have a few more bills, but they are worth having for what it's giving me!

I'm moving on up in the world, and I sure wish I could take all of ya'll with me!

No more climbing. I am RIGHT where I want to be career-wise. Now, all I have to do is strive to be BETTER.

Have a blessed night!

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