Thursday, December 24, 2020

Looking Forward to 2021

What is 2021 going to be like for me?

I could write a whole slew of resolutions, but I know me. They'd all get thrown out the window after the first month.

So, I've decided that I just want 2021 to be better than 2020. That's all we really want when each new year starts, right?

The things that broke my heart in 2020, I'm going to work to avoid so my heart doesn't get broken again. I'm going to re-assess my attitudes that put me in situations that ended sourly. I know which doors are best left closed. I know which doors to only open when I hear a knock. I know which doors to leave locked. And, I know which doors to fling wide open and enter. And, I plan on doing all that!

I plan on having fun. We only live once. I won't wish I could have...or wish I would have...or be indecisive about any move I make. If there is an event I want to attend, I will do that. Why put off until tomorrow what may not be there then? Tomorrow, I may find out I have cancer and everything will change. So, I am going to live for today. I am going to LIVE.

Sure, COVID-19 has the world on lockdown...but I am NOT. I have sought out opportunities to keep me moving. I have adjusted to the way things are. I have adapted to new ideas and new ways of doing things. I won't let COVID-19 stop ME.

I am going to try out new restaurants. I am going to go to the homeless shelter and look for someone who wants to make a few bucks and have them clean my home. I am going to buy new clothes. I am going to sing Karaoke and go play some slots, go fishing, camp out, and travel. I am going to see my kids. I am going to take pictures and share my adventures. I am going to work to pay my bills and I am going to pay some OFF. Then, I'm going to celebrate!

Life is a gift. CELEBRATE it. EMBRACE it. And, above all, LOVE it and the people who are living it WITH you!

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