Thursday, December 17, 2020

Wild Night with Ubereats, WAITr and Postmates

Good Wednesday night (or is it Thursday morning yet?) World!

Today started out kind of REAL slow. I almost got frustrated.

Yeah, me...frustrated.

BUT, come about 4:30, WAITr went wild! Had me running til about 10:30, and as soon as their orders stopped coming in, UBER went WILD...I ran til about midnight.

I wanted to keep running, too...but my power bank for my phone was out of juice, and my gas tank was close to I figured I'd call it a night.

Didn't do too bad. Made about $80. (Counting my 2 Postmates orders I did) Pretty good for a slow Tuesday.

Sure wish it was warmer outside though.

I only do deliveries; however, when I get a new car, I might think about doing rideshare.

I take Jesus everywhere I go, though. I never have a profitable day without Him!

Ya'll have a blessed night!

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