Monday, October 12, 2020

Ten Things I've Learned in My 51st Year of Life 2020

Every year I post the ten top things I learned sometime during my birth month. My birthday is October 30. I will be 52 years old. (Yes, I am not ashamed to post it, because everyone who knows me knows I'm real). This year is no different.

Here goes:

10. God is in control of everything. I already knew this, but this year I felt it BIG TIME...I did a lot of arguing and begging this year with God.

9. Letting go is the most unselfish thing you can do.

8. True friendships don't thrive on Facebook. True friendship can only be cultivated face to face.

7. When you make a wrong turn and the road leads you to an impasse, it's best to go back where you started in order to figure out where you went wrong, and go a different direction.

6. Your boundaries are what builds respect from others.

5. Boundaries are not to protect you from others, but to protect you from yourself.

4. The fire of true love never completely dies. It might fade into the background over time, but is easily rekindled under the right circumstances.

3. Sometimes the truth isn't enough.

2. You can't worry about what other people will feel about your decision to be happy. If they truly love you, then they will support your decision, even if it takes you away from them. Making everyone else happy doesn't do anything for your own self respect and ends in wishful thinking.

1. God is stronger than I am.

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