Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I mess up in my life. When I do, I find out that I have a choice to make - once it is all said and done.

I can wallow in my hurt, refuse to admit I had done wrong; grab hold of anything that defends my actions and keep trying to beat my head against a brick wall.

Or, I can focus on something else that is just as destructive to my state of being, try to do the same thing in a new setting and hope for different results. Go insane...

OR, I can give it to God. Turn back to where I know I should be and go from there. I can let HIM change the situation, remove me from the valley, become who I should be in spite of the pain -- until the pain is completely gone.

But, still, there are tears of regret and longing.

It is these times I find myself on my knees trying to make sense of it all; until I realize that I don't have to.

If God brought me to it, He will walk me through it. I realize, at this point, that the reason I am in the state of mind that I am in is because I should have not tried to take the lead. I should not have ventured off the path He set me on. I should not have tried to grab hold to what God had already put behind me.

Where ever He leads, I should follow. At least this way, I am safe from the potholes of life as He walks me around them.

I still need to heal from the consequences of my latest stupidity. But, I am allowing God to strengthen me for the journey ahead.

I am still alive. That is something. That means that God isn't through with me yet.

Thank God!

This song is totally me!

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