Wednesday, November 11, 2020

When God Has Another Plan...

Hello, World!

Yes, the election has me depressed -- I'm sure like so many others who feel disenfranchised. But, I'm still praying. God is in control, no matter who wins...and I don't always have to like God's plan. I just need to accept that there is a good reason for it!

I lost my beloved Pitt Grill job on the day after my birthday. If I was looking for a reason to transform myself, well, one jumped in my lap. LOL. I sure didn't think I'd be looking for a new job so soon.

I love selling Avon, but sales are slow and it isn't enough for me to do it as a sole source of income. So, I had to apply for SNAP benefits and Unemployment. I think I was supposed to request payment yesterday, but failed to. I have to wait until tomorrow before I can do so.

I also think I may have one more small paycheck coming on Monday.

Me, being the resourceful enterpriser that I am, though, I started looking for other ways to make a little money on the side.

I signed up to drive for Uber. I wanted to deliver for Uber Eats, but they don't have anything going on in my neck of the woods. I am currently waiting on my background check to go through (the last step toward acceptance into the program). I also applied for a delivery job with another company -- WAITr. I was accepted today, and will try to start experimenting with the app tomorrow.

After I clean out my car. LOL

Hopefully my background check will have gone through by then, too.

I am also looking for other opportunities to make money, both on and off-line. Stay tuned for updates about that!

In my personal life, I've decided that life is what it is. No sense trying to force your way through anything, because everything works on God's time table. So, now I'm just drifting ... and smelling the roses as I go.

Have a blessed day!

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