Saturday, November 14, 2020

Thank You Lord, For Your Blessings On Me!

Thanksgiving is coming soon. This year, I fore-went the usual "post something you are thankful for each day until Thanksgiving" tradition.

But, today, I'd like to Thank Jesus for, once again, helping me find a way when there didn't seem a way.

Thank You, Jesus, for my new position financially.

Thank You, Jesus, for old friends, new friends, the opportunity to make friends, and all the other people you put into my life to pray for!

Thank You, Jesus, for my family, who holds me up and gives me a compass when I can't seem to get it together.

Thank You, Jesus, for my health -- mentally and physically.

Most of all, Jesus, Thank YOU for my salvation and my hope!

Without YOU I am NOTHING! Without YOU I am weak. Without YOU I have nothing to look forward to, no hope, no reason to exist.

When I am at my lowest, I find myself on my knees, praising YOU -- because I am still alive. I still get to wake up tomorrow. Therefore, I know, there is a REASON I am still here, and that YOU won't let me drown, and it gives me the strength to keep climbing -- no matter how steep the climb.

So, today is about YOU, dear sweet Jesus!


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